'My Best Friend's Secret Life' Review: An innocent friendship damaged by evil intentions

'My Best Friend's Secret Life' revolves around a high-school girl who is thrilled to make new friends until she falls in a bad company

                            'My Best Friend's Secret Life' Review: An innocent friendship damaged by evil intentions
Nicolette Langley as Maggie and Rene Ashton as Kate in 'My Best Friend's Secret Life' (Lifetime)

Lifetime is always known for bringing up one of the most interesting stories. While some may send us into peals of laughter, some border uncomfortably close to real-life situations.  'My Best Friend's Secret Life' is another Lifetime movie that while offering a generous dose of drama, raises questions on how close it could hit home.

'My Best Friend's Secret Life' revolves around a high-school girl, Maggie (Nicolette Langley), who is very much enjoying her life after befriending fabulous, incredible and eggy, Laurel (Rachel Turner). Maggie's mother, Kate (Rene Ashton), is the owner of a successful bakery shop in the town. After losing her husband, Kate again stepped into the dating pool after meeting Mark (James Hyde), who offered her a great deal with his hotel. Everything seemed to be excellent and happening until Maggie attends a night party in a club with Laurel and meets a new guy, Dan (Philip Boyd). Maggie had a good and real life. In addition, she was also crushing on her classmate, Kurt (Daniel Grogan who was the most popular guy in the whole school. But mama Kate wants to put brakes on her daughter's lifestyle and the company she keeps.


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Maggie was really enjoying Laurel's company as she took her shopping, alcoholic parties and gave her expensive gifts. But, when Kate discovered Maggie's lousy company, she restricted her from being with someone like this. Although, Maggie was highly influenced and convinced by Laurel, Maggie didn't know that she was inviting many problems into in her life. Maggie wanted to stop all this, but Laurel always convinced her. Little did she know her pal Laurel was involved in a sex racket. However, despite the timely warnings from her mother and other friends, Maggie just couldn't stay away from Laurel.

Philip Boyd as Dan in 'My Best Friend's Secret Life' (Lifetime)

Unaware of the truth, Maggie continued to work under the command of Laurel and Dan. Unfortunately, she landed herself into a trap and was almost going to be killed if Kate didn't try to reach her out to her. The Ben Meyerson-directed movie also acts as a lesson for gullible teenagers looking for a fast and edgy lifestyle. Anne Richardson has creatively written the script. René Ashton plays Maggie’s mother, Kate. Viewers will recognize Ashton from ‘This Is Us,’ ‘Christmas in Pine Valley,’ and ‘Writing Around the Christmas Tree.’ Ashton successfully transforms as a worried mother out to save her teenage daughter before danger strikes.

Rachel Turner as Laurel in 'My Best Friend's Secret Life'(Lifetime)

However, the movie's ending is brilliant as Kate and Maggie forgive Laurel considering her the victim of the same incident. They help Laurel to start and live a new life happily. 'My Best Friend's Secret Life' is a must watch Lifetime movie.