Why isn't Normani performing at MTV VMAs? Fans ‘ready to riot’ for booking Camila Cabello

Why isn't Normani performing at MTV VMAs? Fans ‘ready to riot’ for booking Camila Cabello
Normani's 'Wild Side' may have cost her a performance at the MTV VMAs (Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images)

Normani made a stellar comeback after two years with her solo debut called ‘Wide Side’ featuring Cardi B on the guest verse but it looks like the producers of MTV VMAs were not impressed enough as they still haven’t booked the talented songstress for the award show.  2021 MTV VMAs recently announced their first round of performers which unfortunately did not include Normani.

The former Fifth Harmony member revealed it on Twitter that she has not been booked by MTV VMAs after Cardi B posted on her own Twitter wall saying she really wish Lizzo and Normani were performing at this year’s award ceremony. The former ‘X-Factor’ contestant also took indirect shots at the award show with multiple tweets. Normani’s loyal fans then caused an uproar on the micro-blogging site as soon as they got to know the singer not getting a call from the show makers. Hashtags like “letnormaniperform” and “booknormani” then quickly secured a spot on the trending list.
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‘They haven’t booked me yet’, reveals Normani

Normani started trending heavily after she dropped the truth bomb. To reiterate, it was Cardi B’s tweet that revealed the entire truth. The ‘WAP’ hitmaker tweeted, “I hope my girls Lizzo & Normani are performing at the VMAs please , please , please.” To this, Normani first replied, “I hope so too …..” She then again took to Twitter and simply wrote “CULTURE MATTERS.” In the next post, she seemed to be taking potshots at the award ceremony as she wrote, “but they forget.” Circling back to Cardi’s tweet, she replied to the same post, “They haven’t booked me yet” followed by an emoticon of an upside-down smiling face.  Artists namely Camila Cabello, Lil Nas X, Lorde, Machine Gun Kelly and Olivia Rodrigo have been so far announced as the performers at MTV VMAs to be held on Sunday, September 12.

Normani and Cardi B’s song ‘Wild Side’ was caught on the wrong foot after Rolling Stone published an article accusing them of queerbaiting as the ladies were spotted naked and gyrating against each other in the music video. Cardi B had later slammed the magazine with the help of multiple social media posts. Speaking of MTV VMAs, Normani’s 2019 performance on the song ‘Motivation’ is still considered the best of that year. Packed with killer choreography and early 2000s hip-hop and R&B references, her performance pulled millions of views on the Internet.
















‘Camila got booked at the VMA’s before Normani? Oh I’m ready to riot’

Fans of Normani thronged to Twitter as they slammed MTV VMAs for not roping Normani for this year’s award ceremony. One user stated, “Hello @MTV why are u guys sleepin on her? Literally the best performer of our generation, common.” Another stated, “We just want normani to perform wild side at the vma's. is that too much to ask?” One user added, “My generation can only think of normani when vma is mentioned tbh it's their loss.”
The next one tweeted, “If @Normani and @lizzo are not performing at the VMA’s I’m boycotting this s**t. Whereas, one posted, “I’m crying because normani performances are alway top tier, yet the vma’s didn’t book her?” And, one person claimed, “Letting normani perform on vma can be scary for some because they know she ALWAYS delivers perfection.” Meanwhile, one got furious and stated, “You mean to tell me Camila got booked at the VMA’s before Normani? Oh I’m ready to riot…” While another concluded, “There must be a way we can give camila the vma boot and replace with Normani.”


















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