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Cardi B slams ‘queerbaiting’ claims after uproar over sexuality in Normani's 'Wild Side' video

The 28-year-old rapper took to her Twitter account and claimed that she doesn’t like the word 'queer baiting' at all
UPDATED JUL 24, 2021
Normani and Cardi B in a still from ‘Wild Side’ (YouTube@normani)
Normani and Cardi B in a still from ‘Wild Side’ (YouTube@normani)

Some of the top global musicians like Billie Eilish, Nick Jonas and Ariana Grande among others have been earlier accused of queerbaiting and speaking on the same Cardi B grabbed headlines over the weekend after she slammed the concept as it pressures artists to talk about their sexuality.

While explaining why queerbaiting is problematic, the 28-year-old rapper took to her Twitter account and claimed that she doesn’t like the word “queer baiting” at all. The Grammy award-winning emcee was recently seen baring it all in Normani’s single ‘Wild Side’ as they got extremely close to each other, almost gyrating in the steamy video. The song had already created hype after Normani had shared raunchy cover art for her solo debut single.
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Cardi B says 'I am married to a man'

It all started when Rolling Stone magazine published an article about how musicians including Eilish, Jonas, and Grande have been accused of queerbaiting. Activist Leo Herrera described to the outlet as when "a celebrity or a public figure capitalizes on the suspicion that they may be romantically involved with another same-sex person for the sake of publicity, promotion or a capitalistic gain." Cardi B decided to revert to the magazine’s tweet as their article also included a portion that stated how a fan on Instagram accused Normani of queerbaiting with her single ‘Wild Side’ which also features Cardi B.

Reverting to their tweet, the ‘WAP’ hitmaker asserted, “Uuummmm @RollingStone queer baiting? You do know we was trying to hide a whole baby bump right ? Also I’m married to a man but I have express soo much about my bisexuality and my experiences wit girls .All of a sudden “queer baiting” is the new word & people use it to the ground !  Well, she did not stop there as she posted a tweet explaining why queerbaiting is problematic. “I don’t like this new “queer baiting” word.I feel like it pressure artist to talk about their sexuality or their experiences that they don’t feel comfortable speaking about. If a artist kiss a girl on a video does that means she gotta show videos & text wit wit other women?”

Cardi B had also addressed the same issues in the past when she collaborated with Bebe Rexha and Charli XCX on the song ‘Girls’ in 2018. The song addressed sexual fluidity with lyrics like “I'm 50/50, and I'm never gonna hide it" and "Red wine, I just wanna kiss girls, girls, girls." According to People magazine, she had then stated, “We never try to cause harm or had bad intentions with the song. I personally myself had experiences with other woman, s—t with a lot of women! I thought the song was a good song and i remember my experience." She added, “I know i have used words before that i wasn't aware that they are offensive to the LGBT community. I apologize for that. Not everybody knows the correct 'terms' to use. I learned and i stopped using it."




‘Never see them at Trans rallies’

Social media users took Cardi B’s tweet very seriously as they explained their point of view on Twitter. One user said, “I feel what you’re saying Bardi but it is a discussion that needs to be had. You have artist like Uzi, Yung Thug even some will say Lil Nas X that have been rewarded and made millions off queer style lingo and etc but haven’t donated one penny to A aids foundation or lgbtq org.” While another shared, “This was more so about Normani, than Cardi... But nothing about the video suggested the song was about them two doing anything. The song is clearly directed at men... Normani says "boy". Lmao. Just cause they was naked together doesn't mean they gay...”
The next one posted, “There is definitely accurate. Many artist are queer baiting to be more successful however never do anything for the queer community. Never see them at trans rallies, only at pride events because they’re paid to be and never actually put queer people in the forefront.” One tweeted, “Sometimes straight people manipulate by using “queer bate” content to get more lgbt to buy or stream even tho they’re not lgbt themselves.” Meanwhile, one asserted, “Queerbaiting can never apply to real people and should never have. Calling out a piece of media (a work of fiction) for consciously trying to bait queer audiences but never commiting to it? That's wrong. Real people can't queerbait about their real sexuality, Jesus Christ.” One individual concluded, “I think if you aren’t comfortable addressing your sexuality then you need to keep those aspects out of your videos. We’re looking for representation and it feels baiting, even if it isnt, without a firm claim that you are one of us.”