Lizzo twerks in public park to mark ‘Rumors’ success, fans say ‘looks like sexual harassment’

Lizzo twerks in public park to mark ‘Rumors’ success, fans say ‘looks like sexual harassment’
Lizzo twerking in a public park on the right (Amy Sussman/Getty Images, Instagram@lizzobeeating)

Returning to music after two years, Lizzo dropped a certified banger called ‘Rumors’ featuring a heavily pregnant Cardi B on Friday, August 13.  With an intention to rag on haters, the two versatile artists addressed the rumors in a sarcastic manner that surely got the fans excited. The ‘Truth Hurts’ hitmaker got another reason to celebrate as her brand-new song peaked at No 2 hours after its release.

Securing its spot just behind the numero uno song ‘Stay’ by The Kid Laroi and Justin Bieber, Lizzo took to Instagram to rejoice the rare occasion. Sharing a video with her more than 11 million followers, we could see Lizzo chilling out in a public park along with two musicians. The 33-year-old crooner excitingly jams with a musician playing cello whereas, the other one shows his skills on the flute. Dressed in a skimpy outfit, Lizzo soon starts twerking to the music of flute as the camera focuses on her butt.

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Lizzo twerks in a public park

Lizzo, who is no stranger to twerking in public, celebrated the success of her fresh single ‘Rumors by twerking in a public park. She captioned the Instagram video as, “MOOD — IM DRIVING AROUND (SAFELY) CELEBRATING ‘RUMORS’!! IF U SEE ME, SAY HI! CAN WE GET A FLUTE EMOJI PLS @APPLE ?! STREAM RUMORS FOR A FAT A** AND A CLEAR MIND.” While in a major part of the video, Lizzo was seen trying to drag her outfit to her thighs while holding her phone and jamming with the musicians, she all of a sudden lifts her outfit and starts twerking on the flute showing a close-up of her posterior. She also shared the same video on Twitter and captioned it as, “RIDING AROUND (SAFELY) CELEBRATING RUMORS — IF YOU SEE ME SAY HI!!! #Rumors”

Talking about the song, Lizzo and Cardi B transformed into Greek goddesses in the music video inspired by the song ‘The Gospel Truth’ from Disney’s ‘Hercules’. Speaking of lyrics, Lizzo on the song croons, “All the rumors are true, yeah/ What ya heard, that's true, yeah/ I f**k him and you, yeah/ If you believe I do that/ Had to cut some h**s loose, yeah/ NDA, no loose lips/ Now them hoes tryna sue me.” You can stream ‘Rumours’ here.









‘Wtf is this looks like sexual harassment'

Social media users were left amused as they took to Twitter to troll Lizzo’s latest stunt. One user stated, “AYE LIZZO!!!!! U WILDIN OUT” followed by an emoticon of a laughing face. One user said, “Bring that a** over here forreal” while another posted, “Wtf is this looks like sexual harassment.” Another user added, “I have never seen anyone twerk to flute music before.” Meanwhile, on person asked for a warning and tweeted, “Please a warning next time I don’t like seeing people’s bare a** on my timeline k thanks bye!” Another stated, “Nobody shows their a** more than Lizzo…& I just need to know WHY.” And, one individual shared, “Lizzo stay with her a** out. She don't be caring at all!” The next one concluded, “Somebody said “Not at the park Lizzo, the kids!!” I hollered.”










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