'The Fonz shows you how it's done': Henry Winkler BURNS Trump by showing him how to drink water with one hand

'The Fonz shows you how it's done': Henry Winkler BURNS Trump by showing him how to drink water with one hand
Henry Winkler and Donald Trump (Getty)

On Saturday, June 20, President Donald Trump displayed his ability to drink water with one hand after he lifted a glass of water up in the air with his left arm, putting an end to speculation surrounding his health. For some reason, this led to wide applause and cheers from the audience and they kept shouting his name in the air. He took a potshot at rumors surrounding his health after he waved a glass of water in the air for a good 30 seconds and then tossed the remaining water away.

Since the last week, suspicions about Trump's health have been brewing, after he struggled to lift a glass during his speech at the US Military Academy on June 13. He had taken the support of his right arm to lift the glass. Henry Winkler, who rose to fame with his role as Arthur "Fonzie" Fonzarelli in the sitcom 'Happy Days'  threw unmistakeable shade at this spectacle. He shared a video on Twitter, where he is seen picking up a glass with one hand. He waves it and he drinks it. He captioned the video, "One hand."

Fans couldn't stop laughing and cheered in support of Winkler. "The Fonz shows how it’s done @realDonaldTrump," one fan wrote. "The FONZ can drink one-handed! Take that trump! #TrumpRallyFail #trump #TrumpTulsaRally," another tweeted. "Yes but to be fair, you're the FONZ! Trump will never be close to as cool as you!" a fan wrote to Wrinkler.

"Well of course the Fonz can drink with 1 hand he has normal size hands. @realDonaldTrump has teeny tiny baby hands. Have you seen babies drink? They have two use 2 hands," another slyly wrote. "The Fonz thinks you’re a f**king imbecile @realDonaldTrump," another wrote. "When the Fonz is dragging you, you really are a tootsie, @realDonaldTrump #TrumpMeltdown #LowEnergyTrump," a fan tweeted. "Trump just got owned by the Fonz and Moses at the same time, y'all!" Another fan wrote, referring to Wrinklers's long beard in the video.

Trump mentioned his unsteadiness as he walked down a set of stairs after concluding his speech to the graduates of the Army college last week blaming it on his "leather bottom shoes" which were "not good for ramps". Laughing it off, Trump said that his uneasiness was clearly visible as the ramp at West Point was more "like an ice skating rink". "No way I can make it down that ramp without falling on my ass," Trump said he told the general at the Army college.

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