What is Kim Mingyu's net worth? The 'Seventeen' K-pop rapper gained worldwide acclaim for self-produced music

K-pop rapper is currently being accused of sexual harassment. He was earlier accused of being a bully in school

                            What is Kim Mingyu's net worth? The 'Seventeen' K-pop rapper gained worldwide acclaim for self-produced music
Kim Mingyu is the lead rapper of 'Seventeen' (Mingyu/Instagram)

Seventeen’s Kim Mingyu made the headlines after the K-pop rapper allegedly was sexual jokes with a female classmate. Earlier, the rising K-pop star of Pledis Entertainment was also accused of school bullying which the agency claimed to be false. The 24-year-old rapper, who made it to one of the most popular K-pop bands, hasn’t spoken about the sexual harassment joke yet. With all the allegations and rumors surfacing about the Seventeen star, social media users have also wondered how successful is the K-pop star.

Kim Mingyu aka Seventeen’s Mingyu is quite popular among the K-pop fan base for creating heart-warming lyrics and also aiding to the charming visuals of the hip-hop unit. After the Pledis Entertainment K-pop group gained worldwide acclaim for their self-produced music, the fortune of the K-pop rapper also significantly grew. Apart from Mingyu’s successful K-pop career, the rapper has also hosted a number of music shows including ‘M Countdown’ and ‘Inkigayo’. 


Seventeen's Mingyu allegedly harassed a female student sexually, would 'say sexual jokes' around her

Was Mingyu a bully in school? Seventeen's star faces allegations, fans say 'he's bullied for skin color'

Net worth of Kim Mingyu

According to affairpost, Mingyu’s net worth in 2020 was estimated to be $200,000. The ‘Love Letter’ crooner, who joined Seventeen in 2015, is the lead rapper of the group, a sub-vocalist and visual member. Before debuting with Seventeen, Mingy also appeared in NU’EST’s music video ‘Face’, Venus’ music video ‘Hello Vanus’ and Orange Caramel’s music video ‘My Copycat’, among others.

K-pop rapper Mingyu of Seventeen is accused of sexual harassment (Getty Images)


Mingyu started 2021 on a high note after the group made their successful American TV debut with ‘The Late Late Show with James Corden’. The K-pop star’s stellar performance of their hit track ‘Home; Run’ took the social media by storm as the fans couldn’t stop talking about it. Read all about it here.

Recent controversy

In a series of school bullying allegations, a few of the K-pop stars’ names came to light. The list included Itzy’s Lia, Kim So Hye, Loona’s Chu and Stray Kids’ Hyunjin. After Pledis Entertainment denied the allegations, a new statement stated that Mingyu harassed a female classmate by making sexual jokes in front of her.

The translation of the post read, "I am suffering from depression and anxiety, so I didn't want to fight against someone if I do make this post. I also thought he was only bad to me. However, I decided to write this post because so many people were shielding him from the other allegations. So I am writing this so people can know. I just want to let people know that these things happened and that he's the type of person who did those things.”

Kim Mingyu allegedly bullied his classmates in school but his agency denied claims (Mingyu/Instagram)


Another anonymous post in an online community reportedly claimed that Mingyu was also involved in bullying a disabled kid. Pledis Entertainment is yet to make a statement on the recent sexual harassment allegations against Mingyu.

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