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'1000-Lb Best Friends': Meghan Crumpler's fiance Jon Creager 'loves her to the moon and back'

Jon Creager said Meghan Crumpler is 'becoming very productive in taking care of herself and other people'
'1000-Lb Best Friends' star Meghan Crumpler and fiance Jonathon 'Jon' Creager started dating in 2021 (Instagram/@jon_1000lbbestfriends)
'1000-Lb Best Friends' star Meghan Crumpler and fiance Jonathon 'Jon' Creager started dating in 2021 (Instagram/@jon_1000lbbestfriends)

Love is in the air! '1000-Lb Best Friends' star Meghan Crumpler has finally found someone who she is looking to settle with. Ever since they got engaged last year, fans have been eagerly waiting to know more about Meghan's fiance Jonathan "Jon" Creager. Keep reading to know everything about him.

Meghan and Jon met each other online. They used to play video games together. Slowly, they developed an interest and got to know more about each other. For the first time, Jon got introduced to the fans on Discovery Plus' 'Too Large', starring alongside Vanessa Cross. Meghan at first thought that he might lose interest in her. But, instead, he kept supporting and staying connected. 


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Who is '1000-Lb Best Friends' star Meghan Crumpler's fiance Jonathan Creager?

Jon has very little online presence. He has posted a total of just six posts on his Instagram account. Jon was born on July 23 and is 35 years old as of now. He has a keen interest in video games. Moreover, Jon is a great fan of cats. He even has a pet cat named Jaxson. Jon's almost half of his Instagram posts are filled with him showing off his fiancee Meghan. In one of his recent posts, he posted a photo of kissing Meghan.

According to Jon's LinkedIn profile, he currently works part-time at Cartersville Drug & Alcohol as an assistant. He describes his job as "Assisting the Manager & Owner with drug & alcohol testing during my time off from my normal job." As of now, he is looking for full-time opportunities. He has more than 10 years of experience in "administering, positively impacting business and office activities." Moreover, Jon claims to be proficient in "customer service credentials, sales, and business management." Jon calls himself a detail as well as deadline-oriented person. Jon has previously worked at Leslie's Poolmart, R&L Carriers, Walgreens, Rite Aid, and many more. 


How did Meghan Crumpler and Jonathan Creager meet each other?

Last year, Meghan uploaded a photo with Jon. She claimed in the post that after several months of playing online video games together, Jon came from California to meet Meghan in June 2013. Back then, Meghan was 35 and Jon was 25. In one of the episodes, Meghan revealed that she was initially afraid to have Jon find out how she looked. One night, she accidentally turned on the camera while talking to Jon. Before Meghan could turn off the camera, he already got a glimpse of her. And slashing all of Meghan's fear, Jon continued to show interest in her. He told the producers in a clip, "I love Meghan to the moon and back. Everything that she does, she's such a wonderful person."

Jon proposed Meghan in February 2021. He confessed in one of the interview clips of 'Too Large' and said, "She said yes. I’m so excited." As of now, the couple has not shared any details or plans about their marriage. Jon revealed in one of the episodes that he has seen Meghan grow and change in these years. He said that his fiancee is "becoming very productive in taking care of herself and other people." The couple is often seen cheering each other on social media. 


The upcoming season of '1000-Lb Best Friends' will further show how Meghan and Jon's relationship is going. '1000-Lb Best Friends' Season 2 will release on January 4, 2023, at 10 pm ET on TLC.