How to stream '90 Day Fiancé' on Discovery+? Cost, release date and why fans are angry about expensive subscription

How to stream '90 Day Fiancé' on Discovery+? Cost, release date and why fans are angry about expensive subscription
Tiffany, Zied, Rebecca (TLC)

When it comes to the '90 Day Fiancé' franchise, there is one thing you can be absolutely sure of — TLC will always keep churning out spin-off shows to keep fans hooked, booked and entertained. With '90 Day Journey', '90 Day Bares All', '90 Day Diaries', and 'The Other Way Strikes Back!' all scheduled to release soon, fans were definitely eager to catch all the drama between their favourite couples.

But, by the look of it, it's all going to come at a price. TLC programming, which is hosted on cable TV, has now been shifted to the Discovery+ app — which happens to be a paid app. Fans weren't thrilled at the idea of paying for another streaming app. Discovery+ costs $4.99 monthly with advertisements and $6.99 monthly without them. Although fans voiced their opinions the moment the news dropped, it looks like TLC went ahead with the deal as planned, without addressing the growing discontent. A lot of them took to Twitter instantly to call out the network.

One user explained how this switch has too many moving parts. "I am not looking forward to Discovery Plus. 1. ) It's not free. It's $4.99 [$5.00] each month to pay full subscription 2.) If one has crap internet such as HughesNet, there will be tons of buffering. 3.) Discovery Plus only works if one has internet." Others were exasperated over the potential loss of 'Pillow Talk', a spin-off show that features past couples from the franchise who watch and review current episodes. This spin-off is particularly popular, thanks to couples featured.

"@TLC, what's wrong with u guys. Every1 LOVES #90DayFiancePillowtalk & we really want to see them this season. Y should we PAY 4 @Discovery Plus, if u got rid of #Pillowtalk all 2gether. Screw that. We like our Pillowtalk couples. 90 Day Fiance Pillowtalk #90DayFiance #TLC". "TLC please put Pillow Talk for this season on 90 Day back on cable! Moving it to Discovery Plus and expecting your loyal viewers to pay, when we already pay too much for cable, is just wrong!"


Fans also brought to light that most of them already pay for other streaming services and that it was ludicrous to pay for one more. "@discoveryplus So you're moving shows from HGTV to Discovery Plus and we're gonna have to pay to see them? For years HGTV and DIY have been part of my streaming service, that I already pay for, and now I'll have to pay even more! I don't think I'm down with that." "100% I am disappointed in the whole concept of Discovery plus. I am on a fixed income so my money is stretched to the limit paying for the Cable I have. I pay to watch 90 Day Fiance programming. Now there will be new 90 Day shows that I can't watch, I have no Xtra $".


"I find myself watching mostly @TLC and @hgtv. If @Discovery plus moves those to pay streaming services, I guess I'll just have to only watch the @ABCWorldNews and @WendyWilliams on Fridays. I'm not paying for that! #oldschool #DiscoveryPlus STOP IT!"

Unfortunately, it looks like there is no hope in sight. Only time will tell, depending on if the franchise doesn't hold up well on Discovery+. Here's hoping the franchise's loyal fan-following can win this seemingly impossible situation. Combined programming on Discovery+ launches on January 4, 2021, starting from $4.99 per month with ads and $6.99 per month for an ad-free version.

The streaming service will have over 55,000 episodes, including over 2,500 shows from Discovery's multiple networks such as HGTV, Food Network, TLC, ID, OWN, Travel Channel, Discovery Channel, and Animal Planet.

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