'MasterChef: Legends' Season 11: Kelsey Murphy takes home $250,000 grand prize

'MasterChef: Legends' Season 11: Kelsey Murphy takes home $250,000 grand prize
'MasterChef: legends' winner Kelsey Murphy (FOX)

It's the season of 'Legends' on 'MasterChef', and the showrunners truly made the season legendary. From roping in some of the most celebrated and iconic chefs, every week as the guest judge to the intense cut-throat competition inside the kitchen amongst the home cooks, every minute of Season 11 was beyond gripping.

Although all the 15 home cooks who made it through the auditions into the Masterchef kitchen were incredibly talented and cut no corners when it came to whipping up delicious dishes, through a series of challenges and cookoffs three home cooks managed to make it to the finale. Autumn Moretti, Kelsey Murphy, and Suu Khin earned a spot in the finals while making history as the first all-female finalists season! Usually, there is always a clear frontrunner on competition shows like 'MasterChef' who goes on to win the competition. But in this case, fans were spoilt for choice as all the three finalists have been pretty consistent with their impeccable performance on the show. 


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'MasterChef: Legends' finalists Kelsey Murphy, Suu Khin, and Autumn Moretti (FOX)

While Kelsey and Suu have managed to impress judges regularly and also won many challenges, Autumn accomplished the incredible feat of never landing in the bottom three through the course of the competition. So it was anybody's game and fans were very excited to see who would take home the $250,000 grand prize, a complete Viking kitchen and kitchen tools and bakeware products from OXO.

The finale kicked off with all the cooks deciding on what they wanted to whip up for their final dish on the show. Each of the contestants came up with a theme, while Suu leaned towards cooking an elevated Burmese food, Autumn picked a fusion of Italian and Japanese food as her theme. Kelsey zeroed in on more modern approach and decided to cook some very modern food with a focus on technique and flavors. The home cooks then earnestly began cooking the appetizers of their three-course meal. When suddenly Gordon Ramsay stopped the clock to announce one final 'legendary twist'. He told the ladies that they would have to prepare 10 plates of canapes, which is in line with their chosen theme.

Kelsey Murphy was titled the winner of 'MasterChef: Legends' (FOX)

The home cooks began scrambling around trying to come up with a good canape dish for the competition but managed to blow away the judges with the perfect dishes. From thereon the home cooks managed to breeze through the remaining competition with the picture-perfect dishes. The judges' had their work cut out for them as all the three finalists did a fantastic job. But when it was finally time for them to pick a winner, they chose Kelsey Murphy. The judges absolutely loved her canape, entree and even her dessert. 

Kelsey made many sacrifices in order to be on 'MasterChef'. For the young mother-of-three leaving her kids behind to pursue her dreams wasn't an easy decision, but one that she believed she needed to do in order to make her dream of becoming a Michelin star chef true. It looks like all her hard work and sacrifices paid off. 

'MasterChef: Legends' Season 11 is available for streaming on FOX. 

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