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‘Ace of NCT’ Mark Lee’s solo debut single ‘Child’ tops charts

NCT Mark's solo ‘Child’ charts on iTunes in 14 regions while also helping other NCT songs re-enter multiple charts
NCT's Mark tops multiple domestic as well as International charts with his debut solo single, 'Child' (@onyourm__ark/Instagram)
NCT's Mark tops multiple domestic as well as International charts with his debut solo single, 'Child' (@onyourm__ark/Instagram)

NCT has 23 members, 4 different sub-units but the entire NCT fandom cannot get enough of Mark Lee who recently made his debut with his solo debut single ‘Child’. The song has immediately topped multiple iTunes charts. It’s not just that, but the power of NCT’s Mark is now getting out of hand as his single has helped other songs by NCT to re-enter charts, real-time.

Mark, who is active as a member of two NCT sub-units, NCT 127 and NCT U, as well as SM Entertainment's supergroup, SuperM released his first solo single, ‘Child’ as part of SM Entertainment’s newest music project — ‘SM Station: NCT LAB’. The single ‘Child’ was released on February 4 and now, a day after its release, the single has topped multiple domestic charts while also charting at Number 1 on iTunes in 14 different regions.


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Mark charts on Bugs, Vibe, MelOn as well as iTunes

Although it is not even close to the popularity of NCT as a group, Mark is known for having a quite powerful fanbase of his own. The single ‘Child’ is currently charting at Number 5 on Bugs Chart and Number 15 on MelOn’s Real-Time Chart. Not only that, ‘Child’ is at Number 22 on MelOn ‘Top 100’ Chart. The song is at Number 35 on Flo Charts, Number 109 on Vibe and at Number 57 on Genie Charts.


The single also took the Number 1 song on iTunes Top Song Chart in regions like Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan, Vietnam and UAE, among others. The 22-year-old rapper is also garnering a lot of praise from fans for bringing the party home as ‘Child’ helped other NCT singles that feature the singer to re-enter MelOn’s real-time chart, that is updated constantly.


Charting records reported that Mark's solo debut song, ‘Child’ helped other songs like, NCT U’s ‘Misfit’, ‘The 7th Sense’, ‘Yestorday’, and ‘New Axis’ re-enter MelOn’s chart. Not only that, NCT Dreams, ‘Chewing Gum’, as well as SuperM’s ‘Jopping’ also entered MelOn’s chart all thanks to Mark’s star power and fan-led excitement about his single.


'Mark Lee, the power you hold'

Now as the NCT member is topping multiple charts within a day of release of his solo debut, fans are praising the 'power' Mark Lee holds. One fan said, "Every song that mark lee participated re-entering on the real time chart, mark lee the power you holds!" Another fan said, "The way so many NCT songs are re-entering the charts because of Mark. THE POWER HELLO?" One more fan said, "I’m crying mark lee look ar ur power."

One more fan thanked Mark saying, "And suddenly nct’s old songs are back on charts!! that’s right mark lee power exactly." One fan said, "MARK LEE’S POWER!!! he bring the whole squad with him." One fan said, "CONGRATULATIONS SUPERSTAR MARK LEE. SOOOOO PROUDDDD AAAAAHHHHH." One more fan congratulated Mark saying, "Congratulations to our rapper, composer, producer, songwriter, visual, and even best boy, Mark Lee, for a job well done! Everyone around you is certainly impressed and proud of you."