Is NCT Dream having a March comeback? Fans say ‘take my money’

Is NCT Dream having a March comeback? Fans say ‘take my money’
NCT Dream to come back in March (NCTsmtown_DREAM/Twitter)

For all those detective fans who were trying to convince NCTzens (NCT's fandom) that NCT Dream would be coming back soon based on their new hair colors, it looks like they were right. The members had also hinted at a comeback in their latest live. And while the members are now dressed to the nines, walking the red carpet of the ongoing Gaon Chart Music Awards 2022, reports have flooded in about their upcoming album.

On January 27, media outlets claimed that they had confirmation from an insider that NCT Dream was planning their next album and it would be released in March 2022. A few hours later, the K-pop group’s label, SM Entertainment confirmed that NCT Dream was indeed working on their album with the goal of releasing it in March.

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NCT Dream announces album after triple million-seller comeback in 2021

If NCT Dream does have a comeback in March, it will be their first album since their triple million-seller album ‘Hot Sauce’ and its repackage ‘Hello Future’ in mid-2021. They became the youngest act to have triple million sales for their first studio album and its reissue. ‘Hot Sauce’ also topped Gaon and Japan’s Oricon chart with two million sales while its repackaged album ‘Hello Future’ topped Gaon with over a million sales. The reissue was also #2 on Billboard Japan.

Following its smashing success, NCT Dream was also awarded by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and also won at all major K-pop award shows like MelOn Music Awards and MAMA, and the Bonsang (Main Prize) at Golden Disc Awards and the latest Seoul Music Awards. However, at the moment the NCT fandom is divided as some feel NCT Dream deserved the Daesang (Grand Prize) at Seoul Music Awards which ended up being awarded to their other sub-unit NCT 127. Fans have even sent a protest truck asking the organizers to reveal the voting and judging points of both groups.

‘Wake tf up’

But fans are excited for NCT Dream’s comeback as they made tweets like, “NCT DREAM COMEBACK THIS MARCH!!!!! EVERYONE WAKE TF UP!!!!” Some tried to guess the concept of the comeback, “Dream's cb is in march and the big dipper and small dipper (the constellation where polaris is found) will be in sk's sky in MARCH....” Another wondered, “The fact that nct dream’s cb is announced this early makes me think it will be a full album.” One NCTzen joked, “Nct dream will be having a cb in march i think we need to start saving money now.” Another tweeted, “Everything I got is yours, take my money and my time, take it all f**K #NCTDREAMisCOMING.” One NCTzen made a reaction meme, “7DREAM MARCH COMEBACK AODJIDKFKDIFIFIDIGIEK PLS- CRYING SCREAMING PUKING i can already smell the good songs awijejfje.”







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