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'DUCKS?' MTG trolled for saying Republican's enemies are 'quacking' in their boots

MTG had made awkward errors in the past too, as she called the Capitol Police ‘Nancy Pelosi’s gazpacho police,' probably meaning ‘Gestapo police’
Republican Marjorie Taylor Greene is once again being ridiculed for her latest Twitter gaffe (John Bazemore-Pool/Getty Images)
Republican Marjorie Taylor Greene is once again being ridiculed for her latest Twitter gaffe (John Bazemore-Pool/Getty Images)

ATLANTA, GEORGIA: Republican Marjorie Taylor Greene is yet again being ridiculed by netizens after her recent Twitter gaffe. The representative from Georgia State had been active on the social media platform, especially with the mid-term elections this week. The politician had raised the argument that there is election interference amid the extra time it is taking in counting the ballots.

Greene's recent typo on Twitter gave many a reason to rip on her when she wrote, “I’m sure our enemies are quacking in their boots while we are still over here trying to count ballots.” She soon corrected "quaking," but left her earlier tweet as it is. In the past too, MTG had messed up with words, as when attacking Nancy Pelosi, she had made an awkward error on a podcast show, and called the Capitol Police "Nancy Pelosi’s gazpacho police," while many believed she meant to say "Gestapo police."


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The 48-year-old was furious at the Capitol Police because they got inside her Republican colleague’s office, which was left over a weekend, reported LGBTQ Nation. Also in May this year, MTG's comment went viral when her complaint on how "Bill Gates wants you to eat his fake meat that grows in a peach tree dish.” And most recently in October, she lamented at President Biden while he tried to woo women voters and said he, “can’t even define what a women is.”

On her "quacking" error, many Twitteratis jumped in with interesting reactions, with one saying, "Yes, Marge, they are quacking in their boots. It’s a side-effect of eating meat grown in peach tree dishes. I’m surprised the gazpacho police haven’t quacked down on this." The other wrote, "And, out of curiosity, I just checked to see if autocorrect turned 'quaking' into 'quacking'. It doesn’t. That’s how she thinks it’s spelled." A few also shared interesting images, and here one commented, with caption, "Quacking in boots," with a photo of morphed ducks wearing actual bright boots. Another Twitter user said, "Top 3 things they don’t teach in Georgia:
1. Manners
2. Spelling
3. How to say NO to Wilbur down at the Planet Fitness when he asks you if you want to ride the Red Wave in the employee lounge."

“Gazpacho police”
“Peach tree dish”
“Title wave”
Rights “fragrantly” violated
“Quacking” in their boots
I’m willing to bet Marjorie ThreeToes has never read ANYTHING in her life. Remind you of anyone?", wrote another user highlighting MTG's past comments that went viral. Another person took a dig at her by tweeting, "She is horrible. Her ego is as thin as the twice impeached grifter she worships. To say someone who has different opinions and policies than you is an enemy IS the problem. Haters like her are the only real problem."







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