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STICKING THE BOOT IN: Video appears to show Marjorie Taylor Greene kicking Gen Z activist TWICE outside US Capitol

Teen Marianna Pecora is said to be pursuing legal action against congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene
UPDATED SEP 17, 2022
Marjorie Taylor Greene allegedly strikes at teen activist Marianna Pecora with her foot who blocked her way (@RepMTG/Twitter)
Marjorie Taylor Greene allegedly strikes at teen activist Marianna Pecora with her foot who blocked her way (@RepMTG/Twitter)

MILLEDGEVILLE, GEORGIA: In a shocking video posted by the Georgia Republican Marjorie Taylor Greene is allegedly seen kicking a Gen Z gun control activist Marianna Pecora who was blocking the congresswoman's way as she and the Voters of Tomorrows group were seen heading out of a news conference outside the US Capitol. The viral video on Greene's Twitter account has since surfaced with over 1.2 million views. 

Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene was seen walking outside the US capitol when a group of activists heckled her on gun violence, among them an 18-year-old teen protestor Marianna Pecora was seen marching in front of Greene. Furious Greene then kicks the woman twice while telling her "excuse me" to get out of the way. Now the young teen Pecora has said she is pursuing legal action against Greene.


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Marianna Pecora blocks Marjorie Taylor Greene's way, while Nick Dyer could be repeatedly heard saying, 'We need access to the sidewalk' (@RepMTG/Twitter)

The Congresswoman, 48, herself posted the video on Twitter slamming the activist and calling the group she was with as "foolish cowards." The video starts with Greene walking outside the US Capitol while being heckled by a group of Voters of Tomorrow who started grilling Congresswoman Greene on gun violence. Engaging with a different protestor at first Greene says, "You're a coward is what you are! Go move to another country where they take away your guns." Greene tells the man, "You have a free choice go somewhere else we have the Second Amendment here. I'll always defend myself, I'll defend my children, I'll defend my home, especially from people like you," she added. Greene's communications director Nick Dyer could be seen repeatedly telling the group we need the access to the sidewalk. This is when the teen protestor Marianna Pecora recording Greene on her phone is seen walking around the congresswoman, before the teen activist starts casually marching in front of Greene as she chuckles into laughter asking her "How does the second amendment prevent gun violence?"


"Excuse me," Greene says, appearing to step on Pecora's heel once. "Excuse me," she says again, appearing to strike the second time at the back of Pecora's leg. "Get out of the way, excuse me." she repeatedly tells Pecora. Whilst Greene's communications director Nick Dyer says "You can't block members of Congress." "Did she literally just tweet out the video of her kicking me?" Pecora, deputy communications director of the progressive group Voters of Tomorrow in response to Greene's video. When Greene's spokesman Nick Dyer was questioned by Daily Mail over the kicking allegation he said, "Its ridiculous" and said "the media is reporting a lie." Santiago Meyer tweeted in a post retweeted by Pecora, "To answer the most prevalent question about pressing charges: we're talking to our legal team and keeping our options open."