'Male Karen' attacks kids with rail for skating in parking garage in shocking video

Reddit is torn over the incident where some argue the children could have damaged property, while others point out the minors got their own skate rail

                            'Male Karen' attacks kids with rail for skating in parking garage in shocking video
The 'male-Karen' attacked children skating at a parking garage (Reddit: u/ArmaVETT)

After a spate of Karens storming business, parks, and sometimes even neighboring residents, a man has now earned the infamous moniker after he was caught on camera, harassing a group of kids for skateboarding in a parking garage. The video, posted on Reddit, has since received some 7.5 thousand upvotes and left several users agitated as many pointed out that the male Karen targets minors with a skate-rail.

Many users have pointed out how the man continues yelling for the kids to get out of the private property despite them apologizing in the background, and asking him to calm down. The man joins the leagues of Super-Karens, who have threatened and called cops on innocent Black people in public parks. Other Karens have been accused of using the N-word on Black people when asked to put on masks. And then there was the Ken and Karen couple from 2020, who pulled a gun on their neighbors and are now reportedly running for political offices.


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The man, dubbed 'male-Karen', however, has earned Internet fury mainly for the way he harasses the children despite one of them claiming his aunt lives in the building. Posted in the subreddit r/PublicFreakout by u/ArmaVETT, the video shows the man banging a skate rail against one of the kids' skateboards in an attempt to break the skateboard in half. When that attempt fails, the man yells at the kids that they are not supposed to be in the garage.

When the kids apologize and ask the man to calm down, he keeps repeating "Go!" in a loud tone, several times, before moving forward to strike the kids with the skate rail. This prompts one of the kids to call him a "f**king a**hole" and another one asks what the man's problem is. To that, the Karen replies: "My problem is you a**holes being down here in a personal garage."

The location of the parking garage remains unidentified, but when one of the kids tells the man that their aunt lives there, he responds: "Good, go get your aunt and tell her that you’re an a**hole.” Eventually the man throws the skate rail aside and walks back to his car, while still insulting the kids. At last, he yells, “go the hell home,” before driving away.


But viewers on Reddit are siding with the kids, as one of them pointed out: "They even brought their own rail so they don’t damage the existing property. Get bent.”
Other folks were angry that the Karen threatened kids with it." Another user commented: "The way he’s brandishing that rail at them could get him charges for threatening minors. Genius move, Brad. I’m sure your family are all very proud of you.” A third viewer wrote:: "Video evidence also says he assaulted a minor with a grind rail." And some mocked the male Karen, saying, "Guy is pissed that he could never kick flip,” and, “The guy is pissed he isn’t young anymore.”

Those feeling torn about the incident, claimed the kids could have still damaged property, or ended up hurting themselves. “Mixed feelings," wrote one user, continuing: "most of the time with this situation, people can f**k off. However years ago, some people were skateboarding near my car and one stumbled sending the skateboard into the door of my car causing $400 in damage. Just do it in a place where an accident isnt likely to destroy something and they are good to go. I agree with you about the rail. They obviously had enough respect for peoples property to account for that part.” Another user who seemed to agree with the person with mixed feelings, also claimed, "That guy needs to mind his business.”

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