Lisa Zohner: Internet identifies 'Karen' calling Black manager 'monkey' in video

While the original TikTok video did not mention where the incident took place, a Twitter user who shared the video claimed that it happened in St Louis, Missouri

                            Lisa Zohner: Internet identifies 'Karen' calling Black manager 'monkey' in video
Screengrabs from the video of the White woman screaming at a Black employee at a Ross Dress for Less (Twitter)

After the wrath of “Pool Karens” earlier this month, another “Karen” meltdown has taken the internet by storm. A video of a White female customer at a Ross clothing store, an American chain of discount department stores operating under the brand name Ross Dress for Less, going off on a racist tirade at a Black female employee has gone viral.

The video was reportedly shared by TikTok user @maddens.mama and received about 1.5 million views and 250,000 likes in one day. She had captioned it, “Karen tests my sister the MANAGER. Seek help boo.” Later, Newsweek reported that the video capturing the racist exchange had clocked more than two million views on the social media platform.


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In the clip, the White woman can be seen yelling in the face of the Black female employee — supposedly the manager — near the entrance doors. The angry customer, unlike the manager, can be seen not wearing a mask and standing very close to the manager’s face. "You ignorant mother f**king b***h is what you are!" the White woman could be heard shouting in the video, to which the manager calmly responded with, "Please leave.” The White woman continued to shout obscenities as she prepared to leave the store. "Call it racism!" she yelled. "F**k you, you f**king Black b***h."

When the manager again calmly responded with, "Okay, that doesn't bother me," the customer shouted, "F**k you!" again. "OK, have a good day," the manager said. But it was not over. Before leaving, the White woman shouted a slur about "sitting on the porch like a f**king monkey," to which, the manager said, "Get out!"

While the TikTok video did not mention where this incident took place, a Twitter user who shared the video claimed that it happened in St Louis, Missouri. “This racist was last seen in St. Louis, MO yelling at a Black woman and calling her a ‘monkey.’ Nobody should ever have to deal with that. Major props to this queen for the way she kept her cool,” the user said, sharing screengrabs from the video.


In the responses, several people claimed that the “Karen” in question was a woman called Lisa Zohner. “Her name is Lisa Zohner. She used to come into my work regularly,” said a Twitter user, sharing a screenshot of her Facebook profile. Another Twitter user wrote, “We've got another racist! I'm gonna start sharing these videos more often. I'm tired of the freedom of speech bulls**t being used an excuse for being blatantly racist. This racist's name is Lisa Zohner.”

One Twitter user said, “So Racist Ross Roberta has been identified on TikTok as Lisa Zohner. I truly hope these corporations are collecting data on racist interactions with their employees. I hope Lisa Zohner's employer knows what she does to Black Women and have protections in place for them from her.” MEAWW has not been able to independently identify Zohner as the woman in the video.



Disclaimer : This is based on sources and we have been unable to verify this information independently.