Cashay and Isaiah share a steamy kiss, 'Love Island' fans say he's 'falling in love'

'Cashay got Isaiah falling in love after one kiss, I know that’s right! #LoveIslandUSA,' commented a fan after their romance on 'Love Island'

                            Cashay and Isaiah share a steamy kiss, 'Love Island' fans say he's 'falling in love'
'Love Island' stars Isaiah Harmison and Cashay Proudfoot (CBS)

When one door closes another opens, this couldn't be more true in the case of Cashay Proudfoot. Things haven't been easy for the NewYork-based waitress ever since she set foot on 'Love Island'. From not being picked by any of the guys during the first coupling to losing Melvin 'Cinco' Holland Jr to Trina Njoroge, Cashay has been put through a lot during her brief time on the popular dating reality show.

But it looks like things are finally beginning to look up for Cashay. The recently aired episode featured Cashay and fellow islander Isaiah Harmison sharing a very steamy kiss. After which the new islander is keen on getting to know her better, and fans are here for it.


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'Love Island' star Isaiah Harmison is interested in exploring his connection with Cashay Proudfoot (CBS)

After Cinco decided to focus his attention on Trina, Cashay was upset with the couple as she felt that they were disrespecting her by not telling her first about their decision. Cashay picked herself up despite feeling very low and decided to join the islanders for a fun-filled evening of games and partying. As part of one of the party games they were playing, Cashay was given the challenge to kiss an islander of her choice. She immediately picked Isaiah, stepped away from the group with him and indulged in a steamy kiss with him.

Cashay explained that she picked Isaiah because he was very attractive, while the Texas-based personal trainer couldn't get enough of the passionate kiss they shared. After the game was over, he pulled Cashay aside and told her that he was interested in her and had been thinking a lot about her. It looks like we might soon see Cashay and Isaiah together at the next recoupling. 

Fans couldn't contain their excitement on seeing Cashay finally find a connection. A fan tweeted, "Cashay got Isaiah falling in love after one kiss, I know that’s right! #LoveIslandUSA." "CASHAY AND ISAIAH HOT DAMN. YESSSSSSSSS #loveislandusa," wrote a fan. "Let’s all manifest for good things with isaiah and cashay #LoveIslandUSA," commented a fan.




After sharing a steamy kiss 'Love Island' stars Cashay Proudfoot and Isaiah Harmison are being shipped by fans (CBS)

Another fan expressed, "Okay Cashay and Isaiah! Period I am so loving the First Look of tonight's episode!! Cashay Army we really won Queen sh*t, we love a bounce back #LoveIslandUSA." "We rocking with cashay and isaiah??? i ship it. #LoveIslandUSA," seconded a fan. Another fan added, "Cashay moving onto Isaiah knowing Trina will have to deal with everybody trying to steal Cinco only without the personality to match #LoveIslandUSA."




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