'Love Island' fans cringe at Olivia and Korey's families' 'awkward' meeting

'Olivia’s mom crying bc korey’s half black #LoveIslandUSA,' joked a fan

                            'Love Island' fans cringe at Olivia and Korey's families' 'awkward' meeting
'Love Island' stars Olivia Kaiser and Korey Gandy (CBS)

Olivia Kaiser and Korey Gandy's relationship on 'Love Island' raised several eyebrows. Fans found it very hard to believe that Olivia was suddenly drawn to Korey and began pursuing him overnight. As it turns out it isn't just fans who are dissatisfied and skeptical about the couple's relationship. After watching the recently aired episode of 'Love Island' which featured family day, fans believe that even Olivia and Korey's families aren't happy about their coupling.

Korey's mother and grandmother appeared on a video call to check in on him for the family day. They were extremely pleased to see him and began asking him about his time on the dating show. He was very excited to introduce Olivia to his family. So he called her to join in on his family call and couldn't stop gushing about how happy he was with Olivia. While Korey was singing praises of Olivia and their relationship, his mother and grandmother just stared blankly at the couple.


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Korey Gandy's grandmother and mother on 'Love Island' (CBS)


Later Olivia's mother joined the video call. When Olivia's mother entered she simply greeted and bade goodbye to Korey's family and didn't speak anything to them. She didn't speak much to Korey either and had a straight face throughout the call. Olivia's mother directly asked Olivia if she sees herself marrying Korey. The islander then told her mother that Korey was everything she was looking for in a man but she wasn't going to make any promises about marriage.

When fans watched the awkward exchange between Korey, Olivia and their families, they were convinced that even their families didn't approve of their relationship. A fan tweeted, "Olivia’s mom didn’t even try that hard to hide the fact that she doesn’t want Olivia with Korey for real loll. Her dad probably refused to show up #LoveIslandUSA." Another fan wrote, "LMFAOOOO Olivia’s mom is gonna whop her for picking Korey’s half black a** when she gets home she’s not here for it #LoveIslandUSA." "Olivia’s mom crying bc korey’s half black #LoveIslandUSA," joked a fan. 




Olivia Kaiser's mother on 'Love Island' (CBS)


Fans also felt that Korey's grandmother and mother didn't approve of Olivia. A fan shared, "Why do i have that vibe that olivia’s mom didn’t like korey just like how korey’s grandmother and mother didn’t like olivia??? #LoveIslandUSA." Another fan added, "Neither Korey’s fam nor Olivia’s mom are feeling that relationship and it was obviously lmAOOOOO #LoveIslandUSA." "Korey and Olivia parents don’t like each other and don’t like the person their kids are with #LoveIslandUSA," echoed a fan. "Olivia and Korey’s parent meeting was awkward af. Everyone had straight a** faces lol #LoveIslandUSA," pointed out a fan.






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