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'Love Island': Olivia and Korey slammed as 'waste of space' as fans demand new islanders

'Olivia and Korey have been a waste of space from the jump. How they’ve made it this long is honestly ridiculous. #LoveIslandUSA,' wrote a fan
UPDATED JUL 30, 2021
'Love Island' stars Korey Gandy and Olivia Kaiser (CBS)
'Love Island' stars Korey Gandy and Olivia Kaiser (CBS)

The budding relationship between 'Love Island' stars Olivia Kaiser and Korey Gandy isn't sitting well with fans. Both Olivia and Korey haven't had the best luck when it comes to finding partners or making meaningful connections with their fellow islanders in the villa. 

Although ten hot new singles were brought in for Casa Amor, both Olivia and Korey struggled to pick a partner. Korey seemed to be getting along really well with Isabel Johnson during Casa Amor, but he surprised everybody when he decided to couple up with Leslie Golden instead. Unfortunately for him, Leslie considers him as just a friend, so Korey once again hit a roadblock on his quest to find love.


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'Love Island' star Korey Gandy coupled up with Leslie Golden during Casa Amor recoupling (CBS)

On the other hand, Olivia was coupled up with Javonny Vega for the longest time although she had no romantic feelings for him, while he kept trying to work on their relationship. She finally set him free by declaring that they were better off as friends. Olivia was having a hard time finding the type of man she was looking for amongst the islanders that were brought onto the show. She even had a breakdown where she felt that she wasn't able to make any connection while others around her were busy getting into relationships. 

She returned to the villas as a single during Casa Amor recoupling. She then surprised everybody by revealing that she was drawn to Korey. He too revealed that he missed her during Casa Amor and the couple kissed each other. While fans usually love watching budding romances on 'Love Island', Olivia and Korey seem to be an exception. Fans are not at all interested in watching them together and began demanding their exit from the show.

A fan tweeted, "Olivia and Korey have been a waste of space from the jump. How they’ve made it this long is honestly ridiculous. #LoveIslandUSA." Another fan wrote, "#LoveIslandUSA korey is pissing me off. i loved you at first but now you picked Leslie over Isabel, you playing like you Olivia, and you told ur bestie cash to get with Cinco. it might be time to exit." "Olivia and Korey need to exit the villa. Just occupying space at this point. Not like they can win the money #loveislandusa," echoed a fan.




'Love Island' star Olivia Kaiser (CBS)

Fans want to see some new islanders brought onto the show in place of Korey and Olivia to make the show more entertaining. A fan commented, "We are gonna need olivia korey cinco and trina to bounce. bring in some new people #LoveIslandUSA." "Eliminate Cinco, Kyra, Jeremy, Korey and Olivia. Bring back Javonny and Raul. Add some new people. Maybe then your show will be entertaining #LoveIslandUSA," seconded a fan. Another fan expressed, "I need new cast members ASAP I’m sick of Jeremy , Olivia , korey and cinco #LoveIslandUSA."




'Love Island' Season 3 airs on Tuesday through Friday at 9 pm ET/PT on CBS. In addition, 'Love Island' will air on Sunday nights from 9 to 11 pm ET/PT for the remainder of the season. You can also stream the episodes on Paramount+.