'Love Island': Olivia tries to woo back Korey, fans say 'accept your time on the show is up'

'Olivia you have 0 chemistry with Korey. Just accept your time on the show is up. #LoveIslandUSA,' wrote a fan

                            'Love Island': Olivia tries to woo back Korey, fans say 'accept your time on the show is up'
'Love Island' stars Olivia Kaiser, Korey Gandy and Bailey Marshall (CBS)

The three new smoking hot girls on 'Love Island' have left all the OG islanders shaking in their boots. Just prior to their arrival, Olivia Kaiser shocked everybody by expressing her interest in Korey Gandy after returning from Casa Amor as single. She couldn't connect with any of the new boys at Casa, so she decided to come back single, but immediately began pursuing Korey. She revealed to him that she missed him during Casa Amor and their time apart from each other made her realize that she had feelings for him.

Korey happily believed Olivia's words and the duo started spending more time together trying to build on their relationship. Although fans had a hard time believing Olivia's sudden interest in Korey, the couple seemed to be happy together. Unfortunately, their happy time came to a screeching halt when Bailey Marshall set foot in the villa. This new islander instantly caught Korey's eye, and as luck would have it she too came into the villa with her eyes on him.


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'Love Island' star Korey Gandy (CBS)


After just one conversation with Bailey, Korey realized that he was very attracted to her and seemed interested in pursuing her. Watch the chemistry between Korey and Bailey made Olivia feel very uncomfortable. She ranted to her fellow OG islanders about how she caught genuine feelings for Korey and is scared of rejection or being treated like a second option. Her fellow islanders encourage her to have a chat with Korey and tell him how she was feeling.

Olivia pulled Korey aside and expressed to him that she cared about him and wants him to do what's best for him, although she warned him not to make her look like a fool. Korey ended their conversation with a hug and confessed in his green room interview that he definitely had a stronger connection with Olivia compared to Bailey. But he also added that if he got to spend more time with Bailey and got to know her a bit better, he hinted at the possibility that his connection with Bailey could potentially be stronger than the one he has with Olivia.

Fans were amused on seeing the sudden turn of events in the villa with Bailey's arrival, and began joking about Olivia's time on the show was up, while also pointing out how she doesn't appear to be interested in Korey. A fan tweeted, "Olivia describes her type and it’s the complete opposite of Korey and Javonny but she still wates/wasted their time. #LoveIslandUSA." "Olivia fighting for this forced connection with Korey is beyond hilarious. #LoveIslandUSA," wrote a fan. "Olivia want the bag and the followers, she don’t want Korey #LoveIslandUSA," added a fan.




'Love Island' star Olivia Kaiser (CBS)

Another fan shared, "Olivia you have 0 chemistry with Korey. Just accept your time on the show is up. #LoveIslandUSA." "#LoveIslandUSA OLIVIA JUST DON'T WANNA TAKE HER OLD DUSTY MAGA A** HOME!! SHE AINT HARDLY INTERESTED IN KOREY. LIKE NOT AT ALL!," seconded a fan. "Olivia ‘bout to latch on to a new man with newfound “feelings” now that korey has moved on so she can stay in the villa. i can already see it. #LoveIslandUSA," said a fan.




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