Will Korey and Olivia win 'Love Island'? Unhappy fans say 'duo is 'being pushed to win'

'I refuse to vote for Kyra & Will. Guess Olivia & Korey are getting my vote. #LoveIslandUSA,' wrote a fan

                            Will Korey and Olivia win 'Love Island'? Unhappy fans say 'duo is 'being pushed to win'
'Love Island' stars Korey Gandy and Olivia Kaiser (CBS)

As 'Love Island' Season 3 is inching closer toward the finale, the question running in everybody's minds is who will win this season? Although Kyra Lizama and Will Moncada have been coupled up since the beginning, most 'Love Island' fans aren't keen on seeing the couple win as they believe that the couple already knew each other before coming on the show.

Cashay Proudfoot was the fan-favorite islander who was well on her way to winning the grand $100,000 prize money, unfortunately, she didn't have a partner so she ended up getting booted off the show. On the other hand, Shannon St. Clair and Josh Goldstein too were were strong contenders for the massive prize money but the couple's abrupt exit from the show due to Josh's sister's passing left the spot for the top couple wide open. The latest recoupling ceremony left us with new couples like K-Ci Maultsby- Elly Steffan, Andre Brunelli-Trina Njoroge, Jeremy Hershberg-Bailey Marshall, alongside Will-Kyra and Korey Gandy-Olivia Kaiser. Since fans didn't have much time to form a strong connection with the new couples and their reluctance to let Will and Kyra win the show, this meant that Olivia and Korey are currently the top couple.


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'Love Island' aren't keen on watching Will Moncada and Kyra Lizama win this season (CBS)


Fans were far from pleased when they realized that their top choice was the unlikely coupling between Olivia and Korey. Olivia took everybody by surprise when she returned as single from Casa Amor and revealed that she had feelings for Korey. Luckily Korey too reciprocated her feelings and the couple began spending a lot of time together. Fans felt that Olivia was just faking it to extend her time on the show and didn't take them seriously.

When new Islanders entered the villa, both Korey and Olivia's heads turned. While Korey was instantly attracted to Bailey, Olivia felt that she finally felt the 'spark' with Andre. However, Olivia and Korey were confused as they still had strong feelings for each other despite being attracted to new islanders. During the recoupling ceremony, Korey decided to follow his heart and picked Olivia to couple up with. 

Several fans took to Twitter to express their displeasure towards Olivia and Korey's coupling and them possibly winning this season of 'Love Island'. A fan tweeted, "Olivia & Korey will probably win this season #LoveIslandUSA." Another fan wrote, "I am so shocked. But with the Korey-Olivia coupling I think they’re being pushed to win #LoveIslandUSA." "Not Olivia and Korey about to win this season #LoveIslandUSA," echoed a fan.




'Love Island' stars Olivia Kaiser and Korey Gandy are currently top contenders for winning this season (CBS)

Fans also reluctantly revealed that they might vote for Korey and Olivia to win. A fan shared, "I refuse to vote for Kyra & Will. Guess Olivia & Korey are getting my vote. #LoveIslandUSA." "OK, fine I guess Korey and Olivia got my vote for the finals. #LoveIslandUSA," added a fan. "Korey and Olivia could win this with the white Facebook moms #LoveIslandUSA," pointed a fan.





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