'Love Island': Korey complains about 'not catching a break', fans blame his 'wrong choices'


                            'Love Island': Korey complains about 'not catching a break', fans blame his 'wrong choices'
'Love Island' star Korey Gandy (CBS)

While the other islanders are forming connections and getting into relationships, OG 'Love Island' star Korey Gandy is still struggling to find a girl to couple up with. When Korey first walked into the 'Love Island' villa for the first-ever coupling ceremony, none of the girls in the villa seemed interested in him. Although Korey was a bit hurt at that time, he coupled up with Kyra Lizama hoping that she would eventually fall for him.

Unfortunately, when Will Moncada walked it with his sexy Colombian accent, Kyra immediately dropped him like a hot potato and recoupled with Will. Since then Korey coupled up with several islanders but unfortunately, it never worked out. During Casa Amor, Isabel Johnson was totally into him, but Korey shocked everybody by choosing to recouple with Leslie Golden instead. Leslie had no interest in Korey either. Luckily for him his fellow OG islander Olivia Kaiser returned from Casa Amor single and realized that she had feelings for him.


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'Love Island' stars Olivia Kaiser and Korey Gandy (CBS)

Olivia pulled Korey aside and expressed her feelings for him. Korey was pleased on hearing it, and things were going well between the couple until three new girls were added to the villa. One would think that Korey might play it a bit more safely and focus all his energy on Olivia and building their relationship. But instead, when one of the new girls Bailey Marshall revealed that she had her eyes on him, he immediately jumped ship and began showering all his attention on her.

Olivia was unhappy with Korey's head-turning so instantly for Bailey. But she didn't have to stay upset for too long, as new islander Andre Brunelli was ready to woo her. Olivia and Andre hit it off almost instantly, while Jeremy Hershberg too began pursuing Bailey. This left Bailey spoilt for choice between Jeremy and Korey. When Korey realized that both the girls he was interested in were being pursued by other men and they were reciprocating to them, he declared that he was stuck in a "double love triangle".

Fans began slamming him and his double love triangle situation. A fan tweeted, "Can we have the cinco love triangle back? that was so much more interesting than this fake korey triangle #LoveIslandUSA." Another fan wrote, "This “double love triangle” is not interesting korey i’m sorry #LoveIslandUSA." "I don’t CARE about Korey’s love triangle #loveislandusa," added a fan.




Bailey Marshall's addition to 'Love Island' villa turned Korey Gandy's head (CBS)

Fans also pointed out that Korey can't 'catch a break' due to his own indecisiveness and constant tendency to make the 'wrong choices'. A fan shared, "Korey, you had a girl who was into you and you picked Leslie. You keep making wrong choices. Stop acting like you haven't had any breaks. #LoveIslandUSA." "KOREY YOU CANNOT CATCH A BREAK…. BECAUSE YOU CAN’T MAKE UP YOUR MIND! #LoveIslandUSA," declared a fan. Another fan pointed, "Korey - you caught a break in casa Amor when a girl came in just for you. My sis was all in & you left her in casa Amor #LoveIslandUSA."




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