'Loki' Episode 5: Marvel confirms fan theory, one variant did SURVIVE Thanos during war

'Loki' Episode 5: Marvel confirms fan theory, one variant did SURVIVE Thanos during war
Josh Brolin as Thanos and Richard E Grant as Classic Loki (Marvel/Disney+)

Disney+ show ‘Loki’ has been giving us many iconic moments for the last five weeks and Episode 5 is no different. In the first 15 minutes of the latest episode, we finally get to a secret that we always wanted to hear: Did Loki survive Thanos in the MCU?

The answer to that burning question is ‘YES’. Well, at least one variant has. In the opening minutes of the episode, we see every variant of the master manipulator is talking about their past. While sharing about his life, Classic Loki (Richard E Grant) says what happened to him after his ship was attacked by none other than the mad titan, Thanos.



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In ‘Infinity War’, we saw Thanos killing Loki by snapping his neck after he thought of attacking the supervillain with knives and we know how stupid of an idea it was. However, Classic Loki reveals what he did during all the chaos that ensued. While fighting the mad titan, every Asgardian was killed and Thor and Loki were among the few who remained alive.


A still from 'Avengers: Infinity War' (Marvel)

How did Loki survive Thanos?

Loki knew that he was no match for Thanos so he created a “projection of himself so good” that even the mad titan wasn’t able to recognize him. So, in a way, we know that Loki survived the attack and it was not him who was killed at the hands of Thanos. Meanwhile, the present Loki, was stunned by the revelation and asked him what happened afterward and how TVA found him?

Classic Loki replies that he simply drifted in space and went away from everything. He added: “I thought of the universe and my place in it. But anywhere I went, only pain followed. So, I landed on a deserted planet and remained in isolation, in solitude for a long time.”


Richard E. Grant as Classic Loki in 'Loki' (Disney+)

Meanwhile, sharing about how TVA found him, he simply said he was feeling lonely and tried to escape the planet because he missed his brother. But as soon as he tried to step his foot off the planet, TVA arrived and captured him.

The revelation will give peace to many fans because they were trying to know if Loki did something magical at the moment when he knew he was going to die. At least, one of the variants simply used his magic to evade the situation. Maybe, that’s what the present Loki did, but is not telling anyone.

One thing is for sure, the moment will always be cherished by Marvel fans and they will be happy to know that an earlier variant of Loki did run away from Thanos.


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