'Line Sisters': 5 things you need to know about the Lifetime thriller

'Line Sisters': 5 things you need to know about the Lifetime thriller
Line Sisters (Lifetime)

Channels like Lifetime always impress their viewers by bringing exciting and new stories. From the very beginning of the new year, the channel was bringing out editions for the deadly resolutions, and now the channel is back again with a drama and thriller titled 'Line Sisters.' 

'Line Sisters' will be revolving around four sisters, including Valerie (LeToya Luckett), Cassandra (Kierra Sheard), Simona (Drew Sidora) and Dominique (Ta'Rhonda Jones). They will be reuniting on the Outer Banks of North Carolina for a Black Greek weekend celebration. Their sisterhood is linked to the mysterious death of their dean of pledges 15 years earlier. They plan to make their weekend memorable and full of fun, but many strange and dangerous incidents greet them. Moreover, they are also followed by snakes and shadowy figures on the island. If you are curious to know more about the upcoming movie, read on. You can add Lifetime movies like 'Deadly Ex Next Door' and 'Deadly Garage Sale' to your watchlist.


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When will 'Line Sisters' be released, and where can you watch it? 

Lifetime's 'Line Sisters' will be airing on February 12 at 8/7c. You can watch the upcoming movie on the Lifetime channel.

What is 'Line Sisters' all about?

"Line Sisters follows four sorority sisters- Valerie (LeToya Luckett), Cassandra (Kierra Sheard-Kelly), Simona (Ta’Rhonda Jones) and Dominique (Drew Sidora) – as they reunite at a Black Greek Weekend celebration held on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Having pledged the Alpha Beta Omega Sorority, Inc., they share more than the bonds of sisterhood after the mysterious death of the dean of pledges 15 years prior. But the past comes knocking on their door as they arrive on the island and strange and inexplicable things begin to happen to each one of them, threatening to unearth the deadly secret that may tear them apart." reads the official synopsis.

Who stars in the upcoming 'Line Sisters'?

The upcoming movie will be starring LeToya Luckett-Walker and Kierra Sheard-Kelly, Drew Sidora, Ta'Rhonda Jones, Morgan Alexandria, Marland Burke, and Amber Barnes.

LeToya Luckett 

LeToya Luckett was born on March 11, 1981. She is the Grammy Award for American R&B singer-songwriter and entrepreneur two-time winner. In addition, she has marked her appearance in many movies, including 'Beverly Hood', 'Peacher's Kid', and 'Note to Self.'



Tailiah Breon is the director of the upcoming movie. The writers of the movie are Jasmine S Greene and Scott Mullen.


The channel has not released any trailer yet. Once the trailer is released, we will update the space. Stay tuned with us.

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