Leah Remini calls Church Of Scientology 'criminal organization' for 'covering up' Danny Masterson's crimes

Leah Remini calls Church Of Scientology 'criminal organization' for 'covering up' Danny Masterson's crimes
Leah Remini wants you to pay attention to the David Masterson trial (Photo by Jesse Grant/Anna Webber/Getty Images)

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Leah Remini has slammed Church of Scientology as a 'criminal organization' for "covering up" Danny Masterson's alleged crimes amidst his criminal trial.

Masterson, best known for 'The 70s Show', was charged with rape of three women in 2020. The allegations against him were filed by the women who claimed that the actor had raped them between 2001 and 2003. Masterson was arrested shortly after the charges were made public. The actor has pleaded not guilty to all charges.


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In a 2019 article, Daily Beast detailed how the Church of Scientology might have helped Masterson shove his crimes under the rug. The outlet stated that the church had received two letters from one of the victims asking the church to speak up on the matter, but they refused to do so. If convicted, Masterson can face up to 45 years in prison, reported Radar.

On Tuesday, November 1, 'The King of Queens' actress released a lengthy statement regarding the significance of following Masterson's legal battle as he is accused of sexually assaulting three women in the span of two years. "Do you know that if you are a Scientologist, you are forbidden from contacting law enforcement when another Scientologist has committed a crime against you?" Remini told her 3.5 million Instagram followers. "If you do, you will be declared a suppressive person and lose your family, friends, and livelihood overnight."


She pointed out that the women who accused Masterson of sexual assault were members of the church and made their complaints to high-ranking ethics officers, which she said is always brought to David Miscavige's attention as the leader of Scientology. Remini stated that anyone who doesn't live in accordance with their rules faces serious consequences. She continued, "Most people would be too frightened to move forward if the cost of reporting the rape meant their entire life, from their family to their livelihood, would disappear overnight." 

Remini claimed that Scientology had obstructed justice by covering up Masterson's crimes and praised the women who spoke up, calling them courageous, given the possible consequences they may face. She said one of the reasons she wants people to pay attention to the trial is because Masterson's defense attorney Philip Cohen "is doing everything he can to strip the involvement of Scientology from this trial."

Radar claimed that Masterson was accused of abusing one woman throughout their six-year relationship, according to testimony presented in the trial. She claimed that Masterson would call her "white trash" when he got upset, alleging their relationship took a disturbing turn in 2001 after she stood up for herself.

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