'That 70s Show' star Wilmer Valderrama hints at big screen adaptation of the sitcom

Wilmer Valderrama, who played Fez on 'That '70s Show' hinted at a big screen adaptation for the popular sitcom.

                            'That 70s Show' star Wilmer Valderrama hints at big screen adaptation of the sitcom
Wilmer Valderrama (Source: Getty Images)

Audiences still hold many fond memories of the cast that made up the lovable bunch of misfits on Fox's 'That '70s Show.' Wilmer Valderrama, who portrayed Fez — the horny foreign exchange student who loved eating candy, drinking beer, and watching pornography — was one in the group of six teenage friends living in the fictional Point Place, Wisconsin, recently hinted at the possibility of a reboot of the popular sitcom.

Now 38-years-old, Valderrama revealed to the Daily Mail that he had discussed the possibility of seeing the show adapted to the big screen in the form of a road trip movie with his co-stars from the show — Topher Grace (Eric Forman), Danny Masterson (Danny Hyde), Laura Prepon (Donna Pinciotti), Mila Kunis (Jackie Burkhart), and Ashton Kutcher (Michael Kelso).

Valderrama talked up the possibility of a 'That '70s Show' reunion (Source: Chris Hyde/Getty Images)

"I've always joked about That '70s Movie, that's one thing we could probably come together and do, to get a couple of us together and do a road trip movie," he said, adding that while the original cast has aged, a film that was possibly set ten-odd years after the conclusion of the show could still easily manage to work out any such issues.

He continued: "We obviously look older so I think we'd probably maybe do 10 years later. That '70s Movie but a 10-year high school reunion or something, everyone still looks young enough that we can play that," but at the same time, moved to play down any hopes that such a project could take-off in the near future.

Valderrama, who has since starred in other television shows such as 'From Dusk till Dawn: The Series,' and 'Yo Mamma' as well as movies 'Party Monster,' 'Larry Crowne,' and 'The Adderall Diaries,' explained this was because his co-stars, including now-married couple Kutcher and Kunis, felt it was 'too soon' for such a venture at the moment.

'That '70s Show' ran for eight seasons between 1998 and 2006 and was a consistent performer for Fox, becoming one of the network's flagship shows. Consisting of 200 episodes, it was Fox's second-longest-running-live-action sitcom ever, behind only 'Married...with Children.'

Over the course of its run, the series was also nominated for a substantial number of awards, including 16 Primetime Emmy Awards, though it would only go on to win one — the 1999 Emmy for Outstanding Costume Design for a series that was awarded to Melina Root for 'That Disco Episode.' 

Valderrama was at the Logie Awards on the Gold Coast of Australia last week praising the locals for being 'really happy' and 'beautiful.' He also revealed the secrets behind his still-youthful looks, saying he tries to squeeze in as much sleep as possible as possible. 

The actor joined NCIS in its fourteenth season and is now a regular on the show as NCIS Special Agent Nicholas Torres.