'Whee': Mamamoo's Wheein tops iTunes while Moonbyul gets ready to go solo next

'Whee': Mamamoo's Wheein tops iTunes while Moonbyul gets ready to go solo next
Wheein is the first member of girl group Mamamoo to drop a solo album titled 'Whee' in 2022 (@THEL1VE_LABEL/Twitter)

Girl group Mamamoo's Wheein has finally dropped her second solo album titled ‘Whee’. Now, fans are waiting for the band's other member Moonbyul to make a solo comeback with 'Lunatic'. Wheein is the first member of Mamamoo to drop a solo album in 2022 and fans find it extra special since it is also her first solo album with her new label. After her contract with RBW expired, she signed on with VIXX Ravi’s newest label THE L1VE. And now, the album has topped charts like iTunes.

Moomoos (Mamamoo’s fandom) were eagerly waiting as Wheein dropped several fantastical concept photos that hinted at an Alice in Wonderland theme for her title track ‘Make Me Happy’. Her label went all out as we got teasers after teasers that showed off the K-pop idol’s youthful charms as well as her chic and mature side. Many have agreed that ‘Make Me Happy’ suits the Mamamoo member the best since it complements her free-spirited nature and allows her vocals to shine as the arrangement takes a backseat while she plays with the melody.


Mamamoo's Wheein 'Whee': Release date, music video and about her 2nd solo album

Moonbyul the next Mamamoo member to return solo, drops teaser for '6ix'



Wheein tops iTunes

To show their gratitude toward the idol and her new album ‘Whee’, Mamamoo fans have helped the album enter and top several charts. Within 24 hours of its release, ‘Whee’ debuted on several iTunes charts. It ranked at #3 on iTunes Worldwide which also happens to be the peak of Wheein’s debut solo album ‘Redd’ as it had also charted at #3 on the same chart. ‘Whee’ also entered the top 20 of the European iTunes. It has also topped iTunes in 19 countries like Brazil and Thailand. It is Wheein's most-topped album on iTunes. 

Even the title track from the album has charted on iTunes and topped the South Korean chart Bugs. ‘Make Me Happy’ has topped iTunes in 11 countries like Indonesia and Chile and is in the top 10 of six countries. It has also debuted at #22 on Worldwide iTunes Song Chart, while all of the other b-side tracks have also entered the chart. ‘Make Me Happy’ has also charted on Genie and MelOn. The music video of the track has crossed 1 million YouTube views in 4 hours and is currently at 2.6 million views.



Moonbyul the next Mamamoo member to comeback

While fans are celebrating ‘Whee’, they are in for a treat in just two days as Moonbyul is releasing her solo album. As the second Mamamoo member to drop an album in 2022, the rapper of the group is dropping teasers of ‘6equence’ and its title track ‘Lunatic’ which will release on January 19. Following her repackaged album ‘Moon’ in May 2020, ‘6equence’ is the third mini-album that the rapper is dropping after almost two years. She has been teasing the album with pre-released singles in collaboration with Mirani and Seori since the second half of 2021.


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