BTS' ‘unbothered king’ RM continues to support South Korean athletes despite hate from China

BTS' ‘unbothered king’ RM continues to support South Korean athletes despite hate from China
Fans have rushed to support RM after he received backlash from Chinese netizens (Instagram)

Looks like BTS’ RM does not let hate get to him because the love that ARMYs shower him with keeps him by. On February 8, RM (Namjoon) of BTS posted an Instagram Story where he appeared to be supporting Korean athlete Hwang Dae-hoon with thumbs-up emojis and claps despite the runner’s controversial elimination. Soon after RM made the post on his Instagram story, Chinese netizens, who were angered by his support of the South Korean athlete, lashed out at RM with hate comments including the ‘puke’ and ‘poop’ emoji.

Apart from RM of BTS, aespa’s Chinese member Ning Ning is being called out by South Korean netizens as she supports Chinese athletes which raised a lot of questions about the South Korean fan culture. But after receiving a lot of backlash from Chinese internet users on the Instagram account of BTS, ARMYs rushed to shower BTS’ leader with purple hearts and messages of love so much so that it has become impossible to reach to the hate comments on BTS’ posts.


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RM continues to support South Korean athletes

With ARMY right behind him, on February 9, RM took to his Instagram account a second time as he posted a video of short track skater Hwang Dae Heon taking home the gold medal for South Korea at the 2022 Winter Olympic for Men's 1,500m short-track speedskating event. RM captioned the post with "Respect" in all caps and showed his appreciation for the skater. Proving his unrivaled support to his home country and his dedication to the sport, RM proved that no amount of hate comments could bring him down as he continues to show his patriotism for South Korea.

All the members of BTS have been extremely vocal about the pride they hold towards their country and time and time again have shown fans how much they respect their Korean culture by including elements from the South Korean heritage in their music video, especially ‘Idol’. Fans called out all the netizens that tried to shake RM’s ground by calling the BTS rapper "unbothered king".


'China is messing with my President, RM'

Fans showered RM with praises as he took the hate head-on and continued to support his favorites at the 2022 Winter Olympics. One fan said, "The unbothered KING RM. My "RESPECT" for you." Another fan said, "They've thrown hate to RM but here's our unbothered king. Stream RESPECT." One more fan just stated, "Unbothered King." One more fan said, "Unbothered King indeed KIM NAMJOON RESPECT." One fan asked, "So some people were enraged just bcs namjoon supported his fellow Korean during Olympics?" 

One fan said, "China is messing with my President for expressing support for South Korean team at the Olympics? Ya! Of course Namjoon will support SK. He is Korean!" Another fan said, "Namjoon not giving a single f*ck about what y’all have to say.. he keeps showing support to his country (Olympics). Ohh we love to see." One fan said, "Watching Winter Olympics hlts. Korean guy won skating and Husband said "bet that went over well in China". Told him how Namjoon was harassed for instagramming his support, and he rolled his eyes at the stupidity of ppl complaining about someone supporting his own country. Fair!"

One fan said, "Namjoon is literally Korean and has every right to support another Korean in the Olympics!! I mean common sense tf?!! People are so annoying... like why would he cheer for another team besides his? If he did, then Koreans would be coming for his throat!!" One more fan said, "Namjoon ignoring bored people online and just rooting for his country in the Olympics you love to see it." Another fan said, "Joon posting about olympics again after mindless people tried to make it abiut politics… You are so sexy namjoon."























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