Chinese fans attack BTS' RM for supporting South Korea, Suga posts photo in hanbok

Chinese fans attack BTS' RM for supporting South Korea, Suga posts photo in hanbok
BTS' official Instagram account gets hate from Chinese fans as RM shows support to a Korean athlete, Suga oddly posts a photo in a hanbok on the same day (@rkive, @agustd/Instagram)

While Suga’s post from the ‘Daechwita’ era could mean nothing but a throwback to his solo album, 'Agust D', media reports are trying to make the most of this situation calling it Suga's reaction to Chinese users attacking BTS’ official Instagram account. On February 8, Chinese fans started attacking BTS' official Instagram account with hate after RM of BTS rose in support for South Korean players at the 2022 Beijing Olympics.

Over the last few months, the news of South Korean fans and Chinese fans of K-pop has been going through a lot of back and forth when the cultures of the two countries clashed. Back in January of 2022, Everglow’s Yiren was slammed for now kneeling in front of fans as she greeted fans using the Chinese gesture which dragged a lot of negative attention towards many other Chinese idols that stuck to Chinese traditions instead of adopting Korean ones.


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Is Suga really defending RM or is it a coincidence?

Now as RM of BTS gets attacked for posting a video in support of Hwang Dae-heon who showed amazing athleticism at the Men's 1000m short track semifinals at the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, media reports suggest that Suga's new Instagram post comes in support of RM and South Korea. As part of his Instagram story from February 8, RM coupled the video of Hwang Dae-hoon with nods of approval by using the ‘applause’ and ‘thumbs-up’ emojis despite Hwang’s controversial elimination.

This was enough disrespect for Chinese fans who took offense at RM’s support to his home country despite the win being bagged by China and started spewing hate on BTS’ official Instagram account. Since all BTS members got their personal Instagram accounts, fans had noticed that the septet had disabled comments from anyone else but the seven BTS members which made it impossible for Chinese fans to attack RM alone.


Suga's oddly timed throwback to 'Daechwita' era

Chinese users directed their hate to BTS’ official Instagram account which has comments enabled and used ‘vomit’ emojis to show their disapproval of RM’s story so much so that the incident went viral all over the world. International media began covering the reaction of Chinese fans and ARMYs started flooding BTS posts with purple hearts and messages of love and approval to hide the hate comments.

On the same day, Suga of BTS posted a photo of himself dressed as the tyrant king from the ‘Daechwita’ music video released in May of 2020. Late in the night of February 8, Suga made a comeback to his Instagram account as he posted a picture of himself wearing a ‘Gonnyongpo’ - a style of traditional Korean Hanbok from the ‘Daechwita’ music video along with the caption 'D'.

Now, the Media has started pointing out how the timing of Suga posting a photo from so long ago was eerie as BTS was just being called out by Chinese fans for RM’s support of a South Korean athlete but in reality, BTS has always shown affection for their traditional wear - the hanbok.


Fans of BTS react to the hate RM gets online

Fans are praising BTS for showing support to their country as one says, "So many knets are praising and giving attention to bts and their performances in Hanbok after namjoon showed support to korean player in olympics. BTS is the only idol group that expresses support to korean players and our history against china while others are lying low." Another fan said, "I believe that the fact that Yoongi posted a photo of himself as king Agust D in a hanbok is not related to what's happening at the Olympics or between two countries. He happened to share it now and that's why his post is getting attention." One fan said, "Let's be honest, the issue with rm and ningning shouldn't be an issue at all. there's no superior side here, both kfans and cfans are in the wrong. it's the olympics, are you going to cheer for other countries and not your own?"

One media page posted, "SUGA (BTS) posted a photo of Hanbok two years ago. Is it related to the Hanbok affair at the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics?" One fan said, "Since fans can't comment on @BTS_twt personal accts, some chinese fans put hate comments on @bts_bighit IG acct against RM just because he posted on his IG story cheering for his country South Korea on Beijing Olympics. So, what the armys did is flood it with this > 💜" One more fan said, "Bcoz of things happening in olympics ningning got hate for supporting china and rm and taehyun got hate for supporting sk." Another fan said, "Chinese netizens sending hate to rm for supporting korea." One more fan said, "No because im confused on why Chinese people are going on to BTS ig account and sending them hate for supporting a Korean team in the olympics like BTS are Chinese there Korean so i really dont see what the issue is here."




















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