Kim Woojin teases 'Still Dream' single ahead of solo debut, fans say 'song will be a bop'

Former Stray Kids member Kim Woojin teased the release of his pre-debut solo single 'Still Dream', which is set to tell his story

                            Kim Woojin teases 'Still Dream' single ahead of solo debut, fans say 'song will be a bop'
Kim Woojin is releasing his debut single 'Still Dream' soon (YouTube/Kim Woojin)

Former Stray Kids member Kim Woojin is all set to make his solo debut with the digital single ‘Still Dream’ on July 8 before releasing his album, a press release sent to MEAWW by 10x Entertainment stated on Tuesday, June 29. The pre-debut single is set to drop at 6 pm KST (5 am EST). 

Woojin was recently in the news on June 29 when Twitter users said that the teaser of his promo film 'Le Chocolatier' used a tweet allegedly posted by a sexual assault victim as an aesthetic. The tweet in question was used as the background of the promo post. The tweet was reportedly posted by an anonymous person who accused Woojin of sexual assault.


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Woojin left the band Stray Kids in 2019 citing undisclosed “personal” reasons, which did leave fans with many questions. The K-pop star was accused of sexual harassment by an anonymous Twitter user in September 2020. However he, along with 10x Entertainment, has since denied all allegations.

Kim Woojin is set to release his pre-debut single 'Still Dream' (10x Entertainment)

Kim Woojin teases pre-debut solo single 'Still Dream'

Kim Woojin's agency 10x Entertainment issued a teaser photo of him on June 29 midnight, announcing the release of his pre-debut digital single 'Still Dream' at 5 am EST on July 8. In the images, Woojin is seen posing with his hands on his head against a dreamlike backdrop. His half-closed eyelids, as if pondering something personal, piqued fans' interest.

Woojin has officially stated that the pre-debut season will end with the release of the single 'Still Dream', as per the previously planned pre-debut timetable. As a result, the excitement for the approaching official premiere was heightened even more with the release of this teaser shot. The singer has also 'directly participated' in the process of writing the lyrics, “With my story and aspirations ahead of my debut”, the press release read. 


'Still Dream,' Woojin's first pre-debut single, tells the story of him pursuing his dream despite obstacles, and it also conveys the singer's aspirations and emotions ahead of his debut. Because it contains his own story, the artist is expected to personally participate in the lyrics-writing process. Not just that, the well-known producer Ryan Jeon, and hit song creator Ryan S Jhun, who has written for EXO, NCT and LOONA, is collaborating with the songwriter to improve the track's perfection.

Woojin has shared a variety of pre-debut content on his official channel, including visual films like 'Le Chocolatier' and cover live videos, and has already surpassed 2M subscribers on social media, attracting the attention of global admirers. His podcast 'wooAlog' recently got a lot of attention from fans throughout the world including topping the Spotify Music Podcast Mexico chart.

'Song will be a bop!'

Fans took to Twitter to express their excitement over the new release. "STILL DREAM is going to give a lot of attention to Kim Woojin! Cubs, make sure to be ready and to brace yourselves! Pre-Debut Songs aims to give hype and attention to an artist before his/her/their debut and that’s the purpose of this song," said a fan. "Alright shitheads, listen up. Woojin IS NOT PROMOTING his debut. He has every freaking right to tell his side of the story and express what he went through. His PRE-DEBUT (repeat with me, PRE debut) single will be released July 8th and it's called STILL DREAM. THAT'S THE SONG," said another, picking up on Tuesday's controversy. "pre-debut woojin," a third chimed in, sharing screenshots from his videos.

"kim woojin is working with RYAN JHUN for his pre-debut song! ryan jhun is a skorean songwriter and producer. he founded and became ceo of marcan entertainment. he created famous songs such as whatta man by ioi, dumb dumb by red velvet and more. THE PREDEBUT SONG WILL BE A BOP!!" a fan said.