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Kaylee Goncalves' family defends 'scared to death' Dylan Mortensen amid criticism for delayed 911 call

Kaylee Gonclaves' family has also constantly opened up about the tragic Idaho murders and even backed Jack DuCoeur, Kaylee's boyfriend
Surviving roommate Dylan Mortenson gets support from Steve Goncalves and family (SoundCloud, Fox News screenshot/ YouTube)
Surviving roommate Dylan Mortenson gets support from Steve Goncalves and family (SoundCloud, Fox News screenshot/ YouTube)

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MOSCOW, IDAHO: Kaylee Goncalves' family comes with solid support for the main witness and surviving roommate, Dylan Mortensen. She was criticized and faced heavy backlash for not calling 911 even after seeing the killer. Attorney Shanon Gray, who represents the Goncalves family, claimed that Mortensen was "still a victim in this case." 

Meanwhile, Bryan Kohberger, 28, has been arrested in connection to the murders of Kaylee Goncalves, 21, Madison Mogen, 21, Ethan Chapin, 20, and Xana Kernodle, 20. Gray stated, "The fact that she was able to give some additional identification, I think it's beneficial in this case. She was able to give, kind of, the type and build and what [the suspect] looked like a little bit — bushy eyebrows, things along those lines," as per Daily Mail.


Kaylee Goncalves' dad Steve who once slammed cops praises investigators for arresting Bryan Kohberger

'Hope they picked right guy': Kaylee Goncalves' dad reveals 'bit of joy' after Bryan Kohberger arrest

Gray does not know why Dylan closed her door but suggested she was "scared to death" during the encounter. Dylan called 911 only at 11.58 am after which police located the four victims. Goncalves' family has been highly vocal about their opinion throughout the investigation. Earlier, they also supported Jack Ducoer, the ex-boyfriend of Kaylee, who was considered a suspect. The family stated, “Jack is just as distraught as we are. Jack is our family. Jack is 1,000 percent, 2,000 percent our family, and Jack is with us... We are supporting him, and we know in our hearts and our minds and our souls and the depths of our soul, Jack is hurting. Kaylee and Jack would have eventually been married. They would have eventually been married, and they would have eventually had children," reported Sportskeeda.

A suspect identified as Bryan Christopher Kohberger was taken into custody in connection with the stabbings on December 30 (Washington State University, kayleegoncalves/Instagram
A suspect identified as Bryan Christopher Kohberger was taken into custody in connection with the stabbings on December 30 (Washington State University, kayleegoncalves/Instagram)

Meanwhile, Dylan claimed that the suspect was dressed in all black with a mask covering his face, she even heard one of her housemates say, "there's someone here." The recent affidavit released by the police stated that she heard the suspect even say, "It's ok, I'm here to help you." Meanwhile, it further added, "D.M. described the figure as 5' 10" or taller, male, not very muscular, but athletically built with bushy eyebrows," reported Daily Mail.

Steve Goncalves is the father of Kaylee Goncalves (Fox news screenshot/ YouTube)
Steve Goncalves is the father of Kaylee Goncalves (Fox news screenshot/ YouTube)

Steve Goncalves, the father of Kaylee, claimed, "I wish I would have been there sitting next to him when he was able to pull this guy off the plane." He continued, "But yeah, I don't know what to compare this to because I've never experienced it but I don't remember a case where everyone felt like everyone in my family was watching that plane and we're like naming off the states that he was touching each time you touch them in trying to guess where he was going. I don't know," as per Today.

Further, he added, "I just feel like America really didn't like what happened in the story. And they all were watching and paying attention. And that's really what I was asking for. But then, when it happens, it's kind of overwhelming to know. He's definitely going to have to deal with the effects of the aftermath. And, you know, he's a defendant. He's innocent till proven guilty. But you're gonna have to look me in the eyes and you're gonna have to be a man you got to show me that you're innocent. Or you're guilty. And here, and I'm out running and not going anywhere. So we're here. We're here as a family and we have business to do."

'She was in a freeze state'

The Internet also came in support of Dylan Mortenson. On Reddit, a user said, "She was in a freeze state." Another added, "When its dark you can’t see blood, especially on dark clothing. For all she knew, someone came to rob them and she didn’t know what to do because he’d left." "She could’ve easily collapsed from the shock. She could’ve been frozen in shock. She’s a survivor of this and she’s being criminalised," added another.

A user wrote, "She didn’t see “the killer." She saw a person in a house with a lot of roommates who all had separate guests at random times. Even if it startled her or freaked her out she didn’t know a crime had been committed. I’m sure the thought in her mind, if she found it odd, was that she was just misinterpreting a normal situation. Women talk themselves down from being freaked out constantly (every time we are alone in a parking lot at night and there’s one man there, for instance)." Another opined, "Because she didn't see a KILLER, she saw a random guy leaving the house. In a house with 5 other students all partying it's not unusual..." 

Another comment read, "What do you gain from criticizing a traumatized young girl? Everything you’re saying about her, you can bet she’s already thinking and will have to live the rest of her life thinking about. Bashing her online for making a mistake isn’t going to change anything." "I feel like she was drunk and second guessing herself. I have bad anxiety and not only second guess things I really shouldn't, I also freeze when scared," said another user. 

A user explained, "She had prior fear issues, she told the kids that arrived that she wasn’t totally sure it was actually some one in front of her or if she was having a nightmare. She closes the door and shut down her feeling at that moment. She told her self it wasn’t real. She woke up, saw the body , fainted outside before she could talk. The kids were speaking with 911 from outside where those cars were. I read only one kid went inside to check and he saw the body after the 911 call was placed , that’s why they said they were not responsive. The kids waited outside with DM passed out and Funke had no clue." 

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