'I'm going to help you': Survivor Dylan Mortensen saw Idaho killer with 'bushy eyebrows' leave the house

'I'm going to help you': Survivor Dylan Mortensen saw Idaho killer with 'bushy eyebrows' leave the house
Dylan Mortensen (circled) was spared during murder spree when Bryan Kohberger allegedly killed Kaylee Goncalves, Madison Mogern and two others (SoundCloud, Kaylee Goncalves/Instagram)

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MOSCOW IDAHO: Bethany Funke and Dylan Mortensen, two roommates on the first floor of the off-campus Idaho residence who survived the brutal killings on November 13, 2022, reveal shocking details. Mortensen, identified as DM in court records, appears to be the only witness who saw the killer "with bushy eyebrows" walked past her as she stood "frozen." Moreover, the investigation reveals the dog which belonged to Kaylee Gonclaves barked that night, ditching all the speculations that he had remained quiet, giving room to speculations that someone they knew was the suspect. 

Following the unsealing of the cause affidavit, the plethora of evidence has now been brought out as the suspect Bryan Kohberger makes a court appearance after his extradition to Idaho from his parent's house in Albrightsville, Pennsylvania. He is accused of killing four University of Idaho students, Xana Kernodle, Kaylee Goncalves, Madison Mogen, and Ethan Chapin at 1122 King road residence. Apart from the noise of the dog barking, security cameras have also picked up the whimpering sound and a loud thud, the case documents revealed. 



Bryan Kohberger's DNA recovered from knife sheath found beside Madison Mogen's body, court documents reveal

Bryan Kohberger’s sister Amanda Kohberger starred in horror movie where group of students gets stabbed

"Kaylee's dog Murphy did bark — it's heard on security camera near the house, the affidavit says," News Nation's Brian Entin tweeted. Kohberger was apprehended when his single male DNA was found from the knife's button sheath left behind at the slaughterhouse and cross-matched his sample "stolen" from Albrightsville home. Furthermore, detectives examined many video cameras from surrounding residences, where they witnessed the car making several stops and rounds before ultimately departing the property at around 4:20 am, on the night of the heinous killings, according to court filings.



The affidavit cites a contemporaneous recording allegedly obtained by a “security camera” from near the scene of the crime, which picks up what investigators term “distorted audio of what sounded like voices or a whimper followed by a loud thud” as well as a dog “barking numerous times” beginning at 4:17 am, Law&Crime reported reading through the case affidavit. 

Initially, after hearing that there was someone in the house, DM opened the door to her room to look outside but found nothing, the affidavit reads. The second time she opened the door was when she heard someone "crying" from Kernodle's room. DM also said she heard a male voice say something to the effect of "it’s ok, I’m going to help you." Soon after "a "5'10" or taller, male not very muscular, but athletically build with bushy eyebrows" walked past DM. She stood in a "frozen shock phase" as the suspect alleged to be Bryan Kohberger walked out from the sliding glass door from the backside. 


Furthermore, the Moscow Police Department Corporal Brett Payne alleges between 2:47 am and 4:48 am that night, the defendant (Bryan Kohberger) turned his phone off in an attempt “to conceal his location during the quadruple murder. On November 29, 2022, Washington State University Police Officer Daniel Tiengo allegedly discovered a 2015 white Hyundai Elantra with the defendant's registration, which is when Kohberger was initially connected to the killing.

Later the same day, WSU Officer Curtis Whitman located the car and ran tags, and it is claimed that Kohberger was the match. The defendant's "driver's license information and photos," which "shows that he has bushy eyebrows" and is six feet tall," were also reviewed, according to Payne.“Kohberger’s physical description is consistent with the description of the male [Mortensen] saw inside the King Road Residence on November 13th,” the affidavit says.

Disclaimer : This is based on sources and we have been unable to verify this information independently.

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