'Kanye West made it worse': Residents horrified after threatening antisemitic flyers show up across LA

'Kanye West made it worse': Residents horrified after threatening antisemitic flyers show up across LA
After Kanye West's remarks, residents in LA discovered antisemitic flyers at their houses and on their cars (Ronald Martinez/Getty Images, Twitter/Sam Yebri)

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Signs reading "Kanye is correct about the Jews" and "Honk if you know" were placed on an overpass of the San Diego (405) Freeway in Los Angeles by seven anti-Jewish activists from the Goyim Defense League. On the bridge on Saturday, a few of the campaigners were captured on camera raising their arms in the "Heil Hitler" salute. The message alludes to the recent antisemitic remarks made by musician Ye, popularly known as Kanye West. In addition, there have also been reports of antisemitic flyers being found in various neighborhoods in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills. It is not currently known whether the Goyim Defense League is behind the flyers as well.

In recent weeks, West has come under heavy fire for remarks made online and during TV interviews that promoted antisemitic conspiracy theories, including that Jews have excessive power and influence in the media. West's statements led to the freezing of his social media accounts in addition to calls from the public for him to forfeit lucrative endorsement deals. 


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Sam Yebri, a lawyer and former Anti-Defamation League board member who lives in Westwood, claimed that the signs hanging over the freeway represented only one of several antisemitic events that had occurred in the city in recent days and weeks. According to him, residents have also discovered flyers at their houses and on their cars that promote racist and other prejudiced stereotypes as well as debunked myths about Jews and LGBTQ people. Yebri reported finding a flyer at his house recently that claimed the COVID-19 epidemic and the subsequent reaction were part of a Jewish "agenda." He claimed that antisemitic flyers disseminated the tired notion that Jews have disproportionate power over the media.

(Twitter/Sam Yebri)
Sam Yebri holds antisemitic fliers found in his Westwood neighborhood (Twitter/Sam Yebri)

“It’s not just words,” Yebri wrote on Twitter. “There is clearly a connection to white supremacy and neo-Nazi movements.”

The recent distribution of antisemitic flyers is under investigation, according to statements made on Sunday by the Los Angeles and Beverly Hills police departments. The major crimes section of the LAPD, according to LAPD Chief Michel Moore, is "aggressively investigating a series of flyer drops" that seem to be related to those in Beverly Hills, the Los Angeles Times reported. According to him, investigators have discovered footage of a car they think was used, and they "will continue to seek every option to identify and prosecute persons whenever feasible implicated in these antisemitic crimes."

Yebri tweeted photos of the flyers with the caption, "My neighbors and I woke up to this antisemitic flyer at our homes. This antisemitic banner was on the 405. Antisemitic flyers were left on cars last week at the Grove and in Pico Robertson. The silence of the press and our elected officials and other candidates is deafening." 

He also tweeted a video of a car he claims belongs to the perpetrators. "Hey Twitter - here is the video and photos of the antisemitic perpetrators. Please help the authorities find out who is terrorizing the residents of the 5th District of Los Angeles," he wrote.

Beverly Hills Mayor Lili Bosse tweeted, "Anti semitic flyers thrown on our streets again, Banners on the 405 Freeway, Banners covering up Billboards, Kayne West, Vans driving with antisemitism and racist plastered slogans, Schools having Jew free zones. ENOUGH HATE meant 2 silence us. I will speak LOUDER #Antisemitism."

Meanwhile, a resident of Long Island responded to claims this was a common occurrence in the community and wrote, "We have had those flyers on Long Island for months sadly. @kanyewest only made it worse."





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