Ice Cube's ‘antisemitic’ past catches up with him as he denies having inspired Kanye West’s rants

Ice Cube's ‘antisemitic’ past catches up with him as he denies having inspired Kanye West’s rants
Ice Cube addressed being mentioned in the latest and since-removed episode of Drink Champs, saying he did not inspire Kanye West's rants (Victor Boyko, Quinn Harris/Getty Images)

Kanye West has recently been in the news for his various controversies. The rapper has garnered considerable media attention, including for his antisemitic remarks and the 'White Lives Matter' controversy. In his controversial antisemitic remarks, the rapper mentioned Ice Cube as a heavy influence. Kanye said Cube had "really set me up for this" during an appearance on the podcast Drink Champs, During the interview, Kanye said to Ice Cube, "You've really influenced me to get on this antisemite vibe," before adding, "I'm here to finish the job." 

The controversy, however, didn't sit well with Ice Cube, who took to Twitter to distance himself from it. "I hate that my name was dragged into this Drunk Champs bullshit," He wrote. "I don’t know what Ye meant by his statements, you’re gonna have to ask him. I didn’t put the batteries in his back. Please leave my name out of all the antisemitic talk," Cube penned. He also mentioned, "I’m not antisemitic and never have been."


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Daily Mail reported, Cube has initially been blamed for posting antisemitic memes. After allegations surfaced in 2020 that he had posted antisemitic memes, he strongly denied that his Twitter account had been hacked. Fans criticized the NWA frontman for spreading an "antisemitic trope," prompting him to respond on Twitter. One user of the controversial rapper yelled, "What the f*** are you doing?" The hip-hop pioneer responded in his tweet saying, "This is CUBE. My account has not been hacked."


He explained in his tweet, " I speak for no organization. I only speak for the meek people of thee earth. We will not expect crumbles from your table. We have to power of almighty God backing us all over the earth. NO MORE TALKING. Repent."

The declaration seemed to be in response to numerous Twitter users who noted that some of the multiple memes reposted by Cube, whose real name is O'Shea Jackson, were inherently discriminatory against the Jewish faith in nature. One image that stirred up controversy showed a group of men playing Monopoly with the board resting on the backs of several black people. The men's facial features were exaggerated in a way typical of antisemitic art. Cube captioned the post, 'F*** THE NEW NORMAL UNTIL THEY FIX THE OLD NORMAL!'

Tara Dublin, a Twitter user, called out the Three Kings actor and responded, "Cube, this is an Anti-Semitic trope. Please take it down as it suggests Jews control everything. And trust me, we don't. Because if Jews controlled everything, I would be rich af & Donald Trump would be in prison #DoBetter." Another image that Cube tweeted to his followers appeared to imply that the "Black Cube of Saturn" lies within the Star of David. Conspiracy theorists contend that the Black Cube of Saturn is an occult symbol. To this, one user tweeted, "It is impossible to take you seriously with regards to social justice or,.. anything when you post antisemitic imagery. What the f*** are you doing?"

Cube's newest tweet denying being the inspiration behind Kanye West's latest controversy drew attention on social media. One user called him out and tweeted, "Ice cube been Antisemitic 75 per cent of his career but we get it, you worried about those checks Stopping!" Another wrote, "Kanye don't even know what he meant by his own statements. Anyway thanks for realizing it was important to others for you to set the record straight. YEA YEA!!!" One user took a stand for Cube and wrote, "I'm jewish I'm a woman and I have no doubt in my mind that @icecube has never been at anytime antisemitic. He's an amazing 100 per cent stable artist and entrepreneur...Stop comparing him to YE....Enough"





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