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JYPE slammed after TWICE's Jeongyeon reveals label rejected all her acting gigs

JYPE had also left out Jeongyeon from the Japanese single 'Doughnut' teaser, until fans protested, and wasn't featured in the season's greetings merch
Jeongyeon is asked about acting in her sister's K-drama (@JYPETWICE/Twitter)
Jeongyeon is asked about acting in her sister's K-drama (@JYPETWICE/Twitter)

Looks like fans are not staying silent over their favorites’ mistreatment anymore. In fact, since the last few months, JYPE has been under fire a couple of times as fans have claimed that they have been mistreating their artists like TWICE and DAY6 members. A lot of ONCEs (TWICE’s fandom) were upset in particular with the way the label was handling Jeongyeon’s career. The TWICE member had gone on hiatus for her mental health following which JYPE excluded her from the season’s greetings merch and Japanese single teaser. And now it has been reported that she was also stopped from taking on any acting projects.

TWICE fans had previously been happy that JYPE had let Jeongyeon prioritize her mental health and had given credit where credit was due. But unfortunately, the label received backlash for not waiting for the K-pop idol before continuing with the group’s year-end activities. Well, to make it up, JYPE reshot some of the scenes and included Jeongyeon in the latest music video teaser of the Japanese single ‘Doughnut’. But they are once again getting slammed for their current decision to prevent her from making her acting debut.

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Jeongyeon stopped from acting

On December 1, ONCE Twitter found a fan meeting post where a fan had asked Jeongyeon if she was interested in acting. The TWICE star is the sister of actress Gong Seung-yeon and fans wondered if they would ever see the sisters together in a K-drama. Fan claims that Jeongyeon told her, “I received quite a few requests but the company kinda stopped it.” This has upset a lot of ONCEs. Previously, even the stylists were criticized for putting Jeongyeon in unflattering clothes because she had put on a little more weight and had deviated from the usual 'too-skinny' silhouette that most K-pop female idols are forced to maintain.

At the same time, fans noticed that JYPE’s branch in Thailand had closed and claimed that this was due to GOT7 leaving the company. Not only is the boy group immensely popular in Thailand, but Thai-born member Bambam is also considered a superstar there with Thai fans dubbing him the ‘prince of Thailand’. Multi fans (fans of both GOT7 and TWICE) joked that JYPE losing the Thai market due to mistreating their artists was the fruits of their bad karma.


'JYPE is terrified'

Upset ONCEs on the other hand trended JYPE as they made tweets like, “So there's a possibility that we can witness actress jeongyeon but jype stopped it? this company is getting into my nerves, not to mention also that there are a lot of ost requests that twice received but that company rejecting it damn.” Fans also pointed out how JYPE didn’t let the girls participate in the making of their songs and often produced fewer albums for TWICE which led to the girl group’s albums running out of stock before they could even reach a million sales, despite their global popularity. "jype is a misogynistic company that doesn’t give enough creative freedom to their female artists," said one irate fan about how TWICE members were being treated.

Another ONCE posted, “The directors and everyone can see [jeongyeon’s] potential, f*ck jype.” One fan commented, “JYPE keeps saying no to great opportunities for TWICE like OST offers, acting offers, and they also turn down the good marketing and merch ideas that the members suggest.  They're not giving them what they deserve or what would be in their best interest as a 6 year old group.” Fans also pointed out how JYPE had lost another artist of theirs, miss A’s Suzy when she became an actor, “Jype is terrified of the suzyfication of jeongyeon and its showing."