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Will JYPE lose Thailand and China markets? Truth behind GOT7 members Bambam and Yugyeom's rumored exit

Fans are speculating that JYPE may lose some of the biggest market shares overseas and lose its position from the league of the 'Big Three' entertainment moguls of South Korea.
Members of South Korean music band GOT7 (Getty Images)
Members of South Korean music band GOT7 (Getty Images)

Will Bambam and Yugyeom leave GOT7? Prior to GOT7 members renewing their contract, there are a lot of controversial debates surging on social media and fans believe that following K-pop superstar GOT7 member Yuhyeom, if Bambam leaves next as well, JYP Entertainment known as one of the biggest entertainment moguls of South Korea may lose a major chunk of their market dominance overseas that came from presenting a multinational group of seven global K-pop superstars.

What’s the controversy?

According to multiple news outlets, GOT7 members are in talks with different agencies prior to their contract renewal with JYPE which is due after January 2021. Yugyeom of GOT7 is supposedly signing up with Jay Park’s Hip-hop based agency AOMG and Jinyoung is in talks with acting agency BH Entertainment for an exclusive contract signing. In midst of that, K-pop fans are also speculating if Thai rapper Bambam is the next one leaving JYPE and the possible repercussions of that.


Why will JYPE lose market shares overseas?

JYPE’s GOT7 deemed as one of the most successful multinational K-pop group consists of seven members, JB, Mark, Jackson, Jinyoung, Youngjae, BamBam, and Yugyeom. Amongst the seven members, Mark and Bambam were scouted by JYP Entertainment from the USA and Thailand. Jackson is a Hong Kong-based singer and others joined after passing through various rounds of audition in South Korea. According to fan groups, Bambam is responsible for bringing a number of big house Thailand based advertisements, Jackson has been instrumental in establishing the group’s dominance in China, and so on. With the impending fear of GOT7 members leaving JYP Entertainment, fans are speculating that JYPE may just lose some of the biggest market shares overseas and lose its position from the league of ‘Big Three’ entertainment moguls of South Korea.


Truth behind controversies

While neither JYPE nor the members have come out and officially said anything about GOT7’s future stance, JYP told a Korean news publication Newsen, “We are still discussing various possibilities regarding GOT7’s contracts, and we will inform you when we are ready.” In the meantime, Yugyeom is reportedly leaning towards AOMG and Jinyoung to sign an exclusive contract with BH Entertainment. Jackson has already established his name as a soloist with multiple solo releases under his name including his recent EDM hit ‘Pretty Please’.


What are fans saying?

GOT7 fans are coming up with all sorts of speculation prior to the contract renewal. Here’s what some of their thoughts are. A fan said, “JYPE is about to lose both Thailand AND China” followed by, ‘rip jype they about to drop out of the big three.” Another fan chimed in saying, “WE ALL KNOW YUGYEOM AINT GONNA LEAVE HIS BAMBAM BEHIND SO BAMBAM FREEDOM NEXT.” A fan noted, “No cause mark, jackson and bambam leaving is literally like losing a treasure. The Thai and chinese market won't even look at jype now. They down bad!” And added, “Mark and jackson are the most popular artists in china and bambam literally dominates Thailand and cause of them got7 as a group is popular in both the countries. GOT7-1, JYPE-0!” Another commented, “I think jype's worst year is this year because got7 will be leaving his damned company.” A user said, “JYP BE READY. IF BAMBAM WILL LEAVE YOUR COMPANY ALL OF YOUR STOCKS ON THAILAND WILL DECREASE.” 







GOT7 released their last studio album ‘Breath of Love: Last Piece’ on November 30. JYP entertainment was majorly slammed prior to the album’s release citing lack of promotion for the group. A pre-release single ‘Breath’ was released before the album. 

Stream the lead single ‘Last Piece’ of the album here.