Itzy make comeback with 'Not Shy', fans say the girl group is 'serving us with their looks'

While Itzy have been praised for their concepts and music, it's their style that often takes the cake with each comeback

                            Itzy make comeback with 'Not Shy', fans say the girl group is 'serving us with their looks'
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Itzy make their highly anticipated comeback with 'Not Shy', a powerful song with an equally impactful music video that takes us back to the girl group's debut, 'Dalla Dalla'. The track is off their upcoming EP of the same name, which dropped along with the track.

Itzy debuted under JYP Entertainment in February 2019, with the release of their single album, 'It'z Different'. They were instantly noted for having a concept that set them apart from fellow groups, particularly a stronger look and sound as well as more hard-hitting choreography. The group was comprised of members Chaeryeong, a contestant on 'K-pop Star 3' in 2013 JYPE's survival show 'Sixteen' in 2015, Ryujin, who was a contestant on JTBC's survival show 'Mix Nine' in 2018, and Yeji, a contestant on SBS' 'The Fan'. Along with Yuna, the girls participated in Mnet's reality show Stray Kids against the boy group, Stray Kids, in 2017. Lia was later added to the group's lineup and they debuted in 2019 as JYPE's first new girl group since Twice in 2015.

ITZY attend the 29th Seoul Music Awards at Gocheok Sky Dome on January 30, 2020, in Seoul, South Korea (Getty Images)

The group's first single, 'Dalla Dalla' or 'Different', revealed undertones of EDM, future house and bass house, which while not uncommon within K-pop, was still a new sound for a girl group debuting at that time. Additionally, the track was noted for having empowering lyrics. 'Dalla Dalla' proved to be a huge success for Itzy, entering the World Digital Song Sales chart at number three and peaking at No. 2. It was additionally the best-selling K-pop song in America the week of its release. The group's single 'Want It?', released alongside 'Dalla Dalla', debuted at number eight. The music video for 'Dalla Dalla' debuted as the second most popular song on YouTube, and with over 17 million views in 24 hours, broke the record for the most viewed K-pop debut music video within 24 hours at the time. The video also holds the record for the fastest K-pop debut music video to reach 100 million views. Within eight days of their debut, Itzy scored their first music show win on M Countdown, becoming the fastest girl group to do so. 'Dalla Dalla' earned platinum certification by November 2019.

The group dropped their debut EP ''It'z Icy' in July 2019, along with the single 'Icy', before kicking off a showcase tour later the same year, before they flew off to the United States to give five more shows in January 2020. In March, they dropped their second EP, 'It'z Me', along with the single 'Wannabe', earning themselves their first number one album in Korea. And now they're back with their single and EP, 'Not Shy'.

Fans have noted the group's choice to experiment with their more hard-hitting sounds on tracks like 'Dalla Dalla' as well as softer ones on their B-sides, but despite the love many have fans for the latter, they couldn't help but rejoice in Itzy's return to the former for this comeback song. "Ooohh this is the Itzy we know hahaha iD is a bop too," stated one fan, while another shared, "I luv this era. They really are serving us with their looks."



And the love for Itzy's stunning looks appeared to be the biggest takeaway this time around. "LONG HAIR RYUJIN," read one tweet, while another stated, "SHE’S ICONIC." "MISS YEJI SERVED AS ALWAYS," stated one fan, while another shared, "May I bring to you all THE Chaeryeong of Itzy." Given how quickly Itzy's fans managed to put together high-quality fancams, it's evident they adore this comeback and got everything they could have hoped out of it.





Check out the music video for Itzy's 'Not Shy' below.


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