JUST B 'Damage' MV: Boy band makes grand debut, fans declare them 'rookies of the year'

Six members out of which some have participated in survival shows like 'I-LAND' have come together to debut as JUST B with the powerful track 'Damage'

                            JUST B 'Damage' MV: Boy band makes grand debut, fans declare them 'rookies of the year'
JUST B's concept photo for Just Burn (JUST B's Instagram)

Around 100 K-Pop groups and artists debut every year, but it takes luck as well as support from fans to actually make a mark in the industry. And JUST B is off to a great start. The 6-member group debuted under Bluedot Entertainment, a subsidiary of mega-corporation Kakao Entertainment. The members are Geonu, Bain, Lim Jimin, JM, DY and Sangwoo. Some were actually first introduced to the general public through survival shows like 'The Fan', 'Under Nineteen' and 'I-LAND'.

While they didn’t actually get to debut with the winners of those shows like I-LAND that went on to form the rookie monster group, ENHYPEN, the boys finally got a chance to debut as JUST B on June 30, 2021. While JUST B comes from a small company, they still made a remarkable debut that was noticed by knetizens as the music video amassed more than 40K views in just 2 hours of its release. The music video also ranked #10 on MelOn, a reputable K-Pop chart.

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JUST B (JUST B's Instagram)

JUST B debuts with 'Damage'

The debut EP, 'Just Burn', consists of 5 tracks all composed and made by accomplished musicians including one of the members, Bain. Rapper and songwriter Bang Yong-guk of the former boy group, B.A.P was, in fact, the one who produced JUST B’s title track, ‘Damage.’ This dance-pop track is a welcome change from the current trend of trap-heavy singles. Reminiscent of the equally iconic B.A.P songs, ‘Damage’ is an energetic track with a bold music video that speaks about fighting no matter what and never giving into the darkness.

Fans were especially happy to see I-LAND participants Geonu and JM who they have been following since their pre-debut days. They were proud that the boys had found their own group and had debuted together. Fans noticed that like in their music video, where the members trusted each other and did everything together no matter the consequences, the concept continued on to real-life as seen with their costumes during their debut showcase. The boys all had red strings tied to their fingers which is usually an indication of the red strings of fate: “The red strings of fate has for meaning: We are tied to a soulmate by a red string of fate. The string may tangle, it may strech but it will never breaks. And that regardless of time, place or circumstances. WE WILL ALWAYS BE TOGETHER.”


One fan tweeted, “i'm literally in awe. that's the best debut m/v i've ever watched. their vocals, their visuals, the concept, fits and everything. JUST B screams rookie of the year.” An I-LAND fan tweeted, “Lee Geonu & Chu Jimin congrats on your debut Now you are starting a new journey as justb members. I can only wish the best for both of you. Good luck! I hope one day I can see you guys performing on the same stage with Enhypen. I miss y'all.”

Another noticed the members mentioning their time with ENHYPEN members, “Geonu and JM (Jimin) from JUST B mentioned about @ENHYPEN_members on their press conference! JM: When we were filming I-LAND, we said 'Let's meet together in the waiting room later Geonu: I'm happy to meet ENHYPEN sunbaenim with JUST B on senior junior relationship.”

Some went gaga over the members like, “JEON DOYUM DAMAGE ERA. YES THAT'S IT. THAT'S THE TWEET.” Another fan was hyped as the position of each member was revealed, “It’s official! JUST B’s leader, Lim Jimin! I’m so proud of you Jjimi.” One fan had to talk about Bain and his contribution in making the track, 'My Way,' “you'll know that the song is good when a member helped it to produce.” Another tweeted, “THIS PART OMYGHADD KIM SANGWOO LET'S BURN WITH JUST B.”








Watch their powerful debut with their first music video, Damage.


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