What is SM Remastering Project? H.O.T's Kangta says iconic SM content will soon be out in HD

What is SM Remastering Project? H.O.T's Kangta says iconic SM content will soon be out in HD
Older gen SM groups like H.O.T. and SHINee's music videos will be remastered (SHINee, Kangta / Instagram)

As one of the leading K-pop producers in the world, SM Entertainment has been around for quite a long time. While SME created tons of our favorite groups and music, they have also had to face the antiquated elements of early '90s technology. This meant bad quality videos of high-quality music and projects. First and second-gen fans used to make-do with the 240p YouTube quality of behind the scenes footage and variety shows with barely any subtitles. It didn't help that our favorite stars would all end up enlisting in the military or retiring after their contract ended, leaving us with no content. However, there has been some development in the past few months along with the announcement of the SM Remastering Project.

Even when it came to music videos, fans usually got the now blurry 480p, which is barely any consolation for the current music videos released in 4K. SHINee, one of the most popular second gen SM groups still active, has surprised their fans with the release of old footage with HD quality. This has been going on for quite some time, surprising Shawols and other second gen fans alike. Well, what about the other SM groups like H.O.T. and Shinhwa?


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SM Congress 2021

On that note, SM decided to hold a press conference called “SM Congress 2021” regarding this exact decision. Kangta, the former member of H.O.T., one of the leading boy groups, presented the news that would impact his as well as his colleagues’ discography. Besides talking about SM’s future plans, Kangta introduced the newest project — the SM Remastering Project. According to this project, SM will release at least 300 music videos and audio sources that will be remastered with the latest technology, producing the highest quality that these iconic groups deserve. These include some of the most legendary music videos ever made like H.O.T.’s Warrior’s Descendant and Shinhwa’s T.O.P.

What to expect from SM Remastering Project?

During the presentation, Kangta also showed a side by side comparison of the old quality and the remastered version of the music videos that would be released and the difference is astounding. Along with that, exclusive SM content like behind the scene footages as well as other videos like variety shows that were once aired on TV and never to be found again will be re-released in higher quality for fans to watch at their leisure. While we fans do not know how we survived on such glitchy music videos and barely any subbed footage for so long, we are overjoyed that we will now be able to enjoy them in 4K. 

H.O.T.'s remake

Not only that, Kangta also had another surprise in store for fans of H.O.T. As part of “Free To Fly’s” 25th anniversary, the singer-songwriter took part in the remastering process and is also involved in the remake of the music video along with long-time H.O.T. producer and collaborator, Yoo Young-jin. Yes, there will be a remake of this particular music video with none other than Aespa's Winter and NCT’s Sungchan. The remastered music videos and variety content will be released on SM’s original YouTube channel.

Fans were obviously thrilled as one said, "Im rooting for this, We are all rooting for this!!!" Another said, "Finally I can see my boys in 4K." One more said, "WE NEED NOONA NEOMU YEPPO IN 4K." One more said, "i was waiting for this moment."





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