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Julia Fox reveals SIZE of Kanye West's manhood in gesture that SHOCKS Internet

Julia Fox said that the best benefit of dating the rapper was getting a lot of clothes
UPDATED NOV 24, 2022
Julia Fox dated Kanye West for less than two months early this year (SHOWTIME/YouTube and Victor Boyko/Getty Images For Kenzo)
Julia Fox dated Kanye West for less than two months early this year (SHOWTIME/YouTube and Victor Boyko/Getty Images For Kenzo)

Julia Fox made a lewd remark regarding the size of her ex-parter Kanye West's manhood just days after confessing she dated the rapper to get him "off Kim Kardashian's case." The 'Uncut Gems' actress, 32, who dated West, 45, for less than two months starting in January this year, revealed the vivid depiction and discussed the benefits to her sense of style of dating the celebrity in a late-night talk show 'Ziwe' on Sunday, November 20.

Fox instructed the host Ziwe Fumudoh to pull her hands closer together until they were about a foot long after the host drew her hands apart to a distance of shoulder width and said, "Tell me when to stop." Ziwe said, "Oh my God!" with the caption "Hate comes in all sizes" over the video. Additionally, Julia gushed about other males she had dated, even exhibiting the tiniest display of masculinity she had ever seen. 


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West only recently made a comeback to Twitter after receiving harsh criticism for several anti-Semitic outbursts on social media last month that sent his career and net worth into a tailspin. Fox added that the best benefit of dating the rapper was "getting a lot of clothes." This comes after Fox stated that she had a brief affair with West because she wanted to support his separation from ex-wife Kim Kardashian. The actress admitted that she was "delusional" to have imagined she could support the rapper but claimed that she only "wanted to get him off Kim's case."

Meanwhile, people on social media found Fox's statements hilarious. One user on Twitter said, "Y'all I just spit out my wine, this picture with this headline is about the funniest thing I have seen in a while." Another user wrote, "Julia Fox is providing insight into Kanye West’s (maybe) uncut gem. The actress was more than happy to be thorough in her description of her ex’s penis when asked about it on “Ziwe” Sunday." One user criticized and wrote, "Why are you both creeps sitting discussing someone's genitalia? Gross." Another said, "I really hate body shaming…"One user tweeted, "Women always go for your manhood when they mad at u…. He still hit so win is a win."

People also commented on YouTube. One user commented, "She’s so funny." Another said, "I’ve grown to like Julia she’s seems like someone I would be friends with lol." Another user wrote, "The fact that she left Ziwe speechless a couple of times, what a queen." One user penned, "Lol… she dated “KW” to distract him from “KK”.. this woman is “Full” of herself. Never heard of her before she dated “KW”". Another user wrote, 'why’s she penis shaming? also we’ve seen kanyes penis when his nudes leaked years ago & he’s not small so she needs to stop attention seeking asap!"This comes across as body shaming and crossing the line of body privacy. Not a cute interview," penned one user.






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