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'I'm just about my bag honey': Julia Fox claps back at fan who trolled her for endorsing anti-aging product

Julia Fox remarked 'there is nothing wrong with the filler and botox' as she got botox at the age of 20
Julia Fox talks about anti-aging (Instagram/TikTok/@juliafox)
Julia Fox talks about anti-aging (Instagram/TikTok/@juliafox)

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK: Julia Fox is aging and she is embracing it like no other. The 32-year-old actress recently took to TikTok claiming, "aging is fully in." Recently, Fox clapped back at a person on TikTok who questioned her and slammed her for talking about anti-aging. 

Fox claimed, "Someone was like how is she gonna talk about anti-aging when she was, like, a spokesperson for this brand Xeomin." Xeomin is an alternative to Botox. Fox hit out at the troll saying, "Babe, the same way that when I was a dominatrix, and someone came in like, hey, do you have experience piercing pe**ses and nipples? Or doing an electrical play on my back?"


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Fox further claimed that she is a "pro." She added, "I'm always gonna get my bag. Even if I'd never done it before, I would still say, I'm a pro." She further thrashed the person questioning her, saying, "I'm just about my bag honey, don't hate it."

Julia Fox started getting preventative Botox when she was 20

Fox finds nothing wrong in getting botox or fillers. The star advocated her thoughts on TikTok, saying, "There is nothing wrong with the filler and botox." She further explained that she started getting botox when she was just 20. She then told fans that she is not saying she has gone down the "rabbit hole" but all she wants to explain is that she has "evolved." 


28 was amazing tho! Lol

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Julia Fox claims 30 is considered 'old' for the entertainment industry

Recently, a fan commented on one of Fox's TikTok posts, saying, "Girl, what are you 30? Please." This got more than 200 comments, catching the actress's attention. She released another TikTok video addressing the comment. She said, "You are right, 30 is not old." She further explained how she literally cried when she was 27 because she could no longer say that she was in her mid-20s. Fox then addressed the flip side of the entertainment industry. The star said in her video, "I'm telling you, like, in the entertainment industry, 30 is f***ing considered old."

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Fox no longer hides her age and body modulations. She was spotted going to CFDA Fashion Awards with her gray roots, in order to match them with her bleached eyebrows. She was once seen at the supermarket wearing only her underwear with an open denim coat.