'Judge Steve Harvey': Tiffani Brooks spends brother's funeral money on BBL, dubbed 'cold'

Steve and the audience watched in horror and amusement as Tiffani declared that she didn't owe anybody any explanation on how she spent the money

                            'Judge Steve Harvey': Tiffani Brooks spends brother's funeral money on BBL, dubbed 'cold'
Sisters Daphne Spring and Tiffani Brooks with Steve Harvey on 'Judge Steve Harvey' (ABC)

Only Steve Harvey can have us all laughing at the subject of the funeral. The game-show host's new courtroom comedy show 'Judge Steve Harvey' was exactly as we imagined it would be funny and strangely captivating. The premiere episode featured three cases ranging from neighbors squabbling over the fence to the usual sibling drama. The one case that stood out for us was that of the sisters- Daphne Springs and Tiffani Brooks.

Daphne, the plaintiff dragged her sister Tiffani to Steve's court because of their clash over the funeral costs of their brother. Daphne claimed that she wrote a cheque for $6000 to Tiffani for covering their brother's funeral expenses, but instead of spending the money on the funeral, Tiffani allegedly spent it on getting a Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) and liposuction. Steve and the audience watched in equal parts horror and amusement as Tiffani declared that she didn't owe anybody any explanation on how she spent the money that Daphne gave.


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Daphne Springs, the plaintiff on 'Judge Steve Harvey' (ABC)


But when Steve pressed her to discuss their brother's funeral arrangements, Tiffani finally revealed that instead of a funeral, she decided to cremate her brother. The defendant ended up hurting her case when she accidentally shared that the family had already decided on creating their brother, but Tiffani didn't share this information with Daphne, and quietly took the money that Daphne gave for funeral expenses. 

Tiffani tried to cover up her tracks by claiming that she had already paid for the surgeries way before the funeral arrangements began or Daphne gave the money. But upon the examination of her medical bills, it was revealed that she charged the expenses on her credit card and paid it off after Daphne gave the money. When Tiffani finally realized that there was no way out for her, she admitted to using Daphne's money for her flights and hotel stay.  After hearing both sides, Steve finally passed his judgment that Tiffani owed her sister Daphne the $6000. After the judgment was passed, while Daphne was delighted a sour-faced Tiffani declared that her sister actually owed her money and not the other way round.

Several fans took to Twitter to add their two cents on this very messy case and call out Tiffani's callous attitude of spending funeral money on her butt. A fan tweeted, "I think you gotta be the lowest of the low to spend money appropriated for a funeral on yourself. Especially, your AZZ! #JudgeSteveHarvey." Another fan wrote, "This show is funny- BBL vs Funeral expenses! Ma’am you outta line! #JudgeSteveHarvey." "I have seen some trifling cases on court shows over the years. But sis may have taken the cake! Using money intended for funeral expenses on a BBL! #JudgeSteveHarvey," commented a fan.




Tiffani Brooks, the defendant on 'Judge Steve Harvey' (ABC)


Another fan shared, "This is actually so sad omg how could she use her brother’s funeral fund for a bbl #JudgeSteveHarvey." "Girlfriend spent her sister's $6grand on her Brazilian butt lift and lipo, not their brother's funeral service. That's cold. #JudgeSteveHarvey," expressed a fan. "She up here talking bout her sister owed her that money, are you that dense??????? It’s literally for your deceased brothers funeral. Ain’t no damn way bruh. #JudgeSteveHarvey," added a fan.





'Judge Steve Harvey' airs every Tuesday at 8/7c on ABC. 

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