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Who is Jschlatt? YouTuber leaves fans worried with 'Got arrested' Instagram post

Known for his near 3.7 million followers across two channels, Jschlatt became famous for uploading Minecraft videos eight years ago
Jschlatt in an Instagram photo (Instagram: @jschlatt)
Jschlatt in an Instagram photo (Instagram: @jschlatt)

YouTube has been a hotspot of controversies when it comes to some of its most prolific creators.

Be it Logan Paul's many offensive videos that viewers want to be banned from the internet, or the infamous Sam Pepper's pranks where he would straight up grope unsuspecting women — YouTube never fails to surprise us. Joining the leagues of humor gone awry is gaming content creator Jschlatt whose fans were left concerned after he seemingly teased them with a photo of his potential arrest. Known for his near 3.7 million followers across two channels on the vlogging platform, Jsclatt became famous for uploading Minecraft videos eight years ago. He went viral as a creator with his presence and following increasing tremendously after he went viral for his 2018 video 'elon r u OK'. The video achieved 22 million views and counting and Jschlatt became known for his quirky wit and skills, which transcended in the form of some 1.6 million Instagram followers. It is perhaps this social media curiosity that led his fans to worry about the vlogger after he shared the arrest-alluding Instagram story.


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Jschlatt in his Instagram photo (Instagram: @jschlatt)

Who is Jschlatt?

According to DreamTeam wiki, Jschlatt, whose real name is unknown, is more popularly known as jschlattLIVE or Schlatt in the YouTube community. He is also a former Twitch streamer, known for making a variety of content. A member of the now-defunct Lunch Club, Jschaltt is known for antagonizing the prestigious Dream Team of gaming as he has previously scandalized them by joining their exclusive privatized servers on Minecraft without permission. Jschlatt was banned from the server, but he later reportedly forged a friendship with the team by playing Among US games with them and subsequently got unbanned from the platform.

Jschlatt is said to have become a larger creator of the community ever since he joined the Manberg Rebellion arc. He has amassed 1.02 million subscribers on one Youtube channel, and 2.68 million on another. It is these very fans who were left concerned when Jschlatt's Instagram post on June 10 showed him in a photo with the words "Got arrested" on them. The photo was part of an Instagram carousel where multiple photos can be shared in one post. The first photo saw Jschlatt smiling, standing next to a Lamborghini. The second photo showed him sitting in a vehicle with blinding lights flashing behind him. The 21-year-old gamer can be seen showing the thumbs-up sign, but the words on the photo are alarming. In the caption, he wrote: "Drive safe." 


Did Jschlatt get arrested?

Jschlatt is yet to add any further information on his arrest, but his followers speculated under the post that the vlogger could have been speeding, or worse — crashed the luxury car. Later, on June 13, Jschaltt posted a video titled "The Worst Day of My Life", which fans expected would see him address the scandalous photo. But the content creator once again left people stumped with his quirk, choosing to talk about not enjoying the Floyd Mayweather Jr vs Logan Paul exhibition boxing match that he attended in Miami, the previous week. 

No other news of a potential arrest has since been made public, and unless Jschlatt addresses the same, his fans will continue to remain in mystery.