Who is Alex Quackity? YouTuber trends after fans freak out over his good looks

The focus of Alex Quackity trending seems to be a probable fan-meet selfie that went viral

                            Who is Alex Quackity? YouTuber trends after fans freak out over his good looks
Youtuber Alex Quackity is trending (Instagram: @quackity)

Twitter is a funny place, made more enticing by the use of trends — especially the curious case of YouTuber Quackity whose fans were left worried when he randomly began trending on June 13. Usually, the random surge in tweets happens when celebrities die, so fans fear the worst at all times in incidents like these. But to the absolute delight of Quackity's fans, the gamer was trending simply because he exists.

The focus of the trend seems to be a probable fan-meet selfie of Quackity that went viral in the late hours of Sunday. By midnight the Twitch streamer was trending because fans were freaking out about his "breathtaking looks" and how he "looks pretty in the sun". The way the trend picked up out of nowhere is telling of the incredible fame the Mexican gamer has amassed on the social media platform ever since he began developing YouTube content, eight years ago. And even though Quackity was recently in headlines for being banned by Roblox once again, his fans are more obsessed with his selfie game.


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Who is Alex Quackity?

With a sum total of over 12 million followers across the Internet, Quackity, real name Alexis, is easily one of YouTube's most prolific gaming pros. Born on December 28, 2000, in Mexico, the 20-year-old is best known for his YouTube channel after being featured on popular communities on the platform, such as Roblox and Minecraft. Quackity's gaming expertise has also elevated him to be featured on several game highlights all across the platform. His other talent sees him blend comedic timing with short, crisp videos.

Quackity had made his YouTube channel in 2013, with his first video dropping on June 3 that year. His content garnered him a whopping 5 million subscribers on the platform, sharing gratitude for which, he had tweeted on May 4: "This is so unreal to me. I’ve been dreaming of this since I was a kid, thank you guys so much for allowing me to do the things I love every day".


Why is Quackity trending?

Quackity, who is also Twitter famous, has two separate accounts on the platform. One of them boasts of 3.1 million followers, and he has another 1.9 million of them on another more frequently used account. Quackity's Instagram has also gained popularity in recent years, beaming with a massive 2.6 million follower count. His incredible fan following is at par with his financial success, as the young gamer has an estimated net worth of $4 million. 

Quackity was last in the news for his ongoing feud with the gaming platform Roblox, after he made headline in December 2020 for allegedly getting banned by them for the second time. But all of that seems distant in the past, as Quackity's fans are more concerned with his "gorgeous" and "perfect" looks. Relieved that its not bad news at all, and that quackity is OK, Twitter users shared tweets like: "Alex Quackity is trending cause hes awesome and looks pretty in the sun." Another got sentimental, revealing: "When me and the homies wake up and alex quackity is trending for his breathtaking looks" alongside an animated photo filled with the red-heart emoji. 

Some expressed their amusement, tweeting: "Alex Quackity trending just because he is awesome? Hell yeah!! This man deserves the world!" Others weren't the least bit shocked, as one tweeted: "I knew these pics of gorgeous and sexy alex quackity would absolutely break the internet". The bottom line, according to one user, was that it "should be illegal for someone to be so perfect like alex quackity is just too good for this world". Another simply requested everyone: "Can we sit here and appreciate that alex (quackity) is trending for existing??"







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