YouTuber Corinna Kopf dubbed a 'scammer' for posting Instagram pics on OnlyFans page

The YouTuber and gamer started trending after her OnlyFans photos were leaked online

                            YouTuber Corinna Kopf dubbed a 'scammer' for posting Instagram pics on OnlyFans page
Corinna Kopf recently launched her OnlyFans account (Instagram/Corinna Kopf)

Famous YouTuber and gaming icon Corinna Kopf recently got the internet all excited by launching an OnlyFans page. However, fans who hoped to catch unseen glimpses of the influencer on the largely explicit social media portal were left sorely disappointed after Kopf reposted her Instagram photos on OnlyFans. Though she followed up with a series of tweets hinting at newer photos to come, her OnlyFans subscribers already accused her of 'scamming' them. 

Kopf tweeted on June 4 that she would start an OnlyFans account if her tweet gets 500,000 likes. Her tweet went viral, prompting the social media darling to keep her promise. Interested fans have to pay $25 per month to view her OnlyFans photos which followers assumed to be exclusive. But, with no new photos, they are now complaining about getting 'scammed' and tricked by Kopf. Meanwhile, her OnlyFans photos were leaked online. 


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Kopf has posted around 11 photos on her OnlyFans so far, some of which are already there on her Instagram. After she was brutally slammed on Twitter, Kopf clarified, "People who think my onlyfans is about to be just “instagram content”... you’re dead wrong. if i posted everything right out the gate, it would just get leaked...just wait..." 


Aside from interacting with complaining fans, Kopf further tweeted, "5,000 retweets and I’ll be posting a link for the first 10 people who click it to get a free month subscription to my only fans."




Meanwhile, her leaked OnlyFans photos were circulated widely on Twitter and Reddit, as fans warned each other to not spend money on subscribing to her account. A Twitter user posted, "Do not buy @CorinnaKopf onlyfans, it’s a scam," while another followed up saying, "U just posting ig content this a L scam."

After Kopf lured her fans with a free subscription, one user responded, "What difference would it make if u posted everything now or this point, it's a business strategy to get more people to subscribe long term so you can make a larger profit with them thinking that as time goes, they'll get what they "want"."

"Corinna really launched an OF and made $100k in a day because of desperate people. Mind blown to the max," a fourth user slammed her subscribers as well.










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