Are Joshua Bassett's songs aimed at Olivia Rodrigo? Fans say 'two sides to every story'

Joshua and Olivia apparently dated briefly in 2020 before the former got in a relationship with Sabrina Carpenter

                            Are Joshua Bassett's songs aimed at Olivia Rodrigo? Fans say 'two sides to every story'
Joshua Bassett and Olivia Rodrigo (Photos by [email protected]/Amy Sussman/Getty Images)

Joshua Bassett dropped three singles from his EP called ‘Crisis/Secret/Set Me Free’ that also refers to the name of the songs. The tracks released on Friday, December 3, apparently talk about the singer’s ex-flame Olivia Rodrigo who in the last year had dropped chart-topping singles aiming at him ultimately finding new stardom. The Disney star sent his fans a text update ahead of releases and also shared snippets of the songs on TikTok.
Joshua Bassett and Olivia Rodrigo soon secured one of the top spots on the trending list after their fans battled it out on Twitter. The 20-year-old singer’s fans claimed that he had every right to share his side of the story while Olivia’s fans argued that Joshua gaslighted her. For the unversed, Joshua, Olivia, and Sabrina earlier starred in the award-winning ‘High School Musical: The Musical: The Series’.
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Is Joshua Bassett singing about Olivia Rodrigo in new songs?

In the text update sent to his fans, Joshua requested his fans not to send hate on his behalf. He stated, “Due to the nature of pop culture, and the current public perspective, [there] will be a lot of loud voices in this next chapter- positive, negative and everywhere in between.” He asked his fans to “treat everyone with respect and love,” adding that, “Anyone who sends hate on my ‘behalf’ is no fan of mine.”

In ‘Crisis’, Joshua croons Don’t you ever wonder if I’m okay after all you put me through? / Half the shit you’re sayin’ is only half true. / Messin’ with my life as a career move / I can’t help but wonder / why you won’t make it end?”. Fans speculated that these lyrics pointed towards Olivia’s number one hit single ‘drivers license’ which was supposedly a dig at Joshua. In the song, ‘Secret’, Joshua reportedly makes a ‘Good 4 U’ reference as he sings, “I really hope you had your fun / Good for you foolin' everyone / You had me tricked for 16 months.” In his third song, ‘Set Me Free’, Joshua wrote about setting himself free from the drama, “I know you feel used I know you've been hurt / Anything I did to make you feel worse / I'd take it all back," he sings, later adding, "I don't recognize you not anymore / You're not the love that I fell for."








‘Joshua Bassett just taught the world there's two versions to every story’

Talking about Joshua’s new Friday releases, one fan said, “Joshua Bassett really went there my god….. love him and Olivia equally but damn these songs are good”, as another posted, “y’all remember how i said i love olivia rodrigo but i also love joshua bassett? people jumped on me for supporting him and I dont want to hear a word from yall now that youve learned theres two sides to every story.” One user added, “The thing i find so funny about joshua bassett writing songs saying olivia is lying is the way he isn't specific at all whereas olivia had reoccurring themes and went in depth about what happened and also admitted the relationship wasn't great josh just keeps calling her a liar.”
Meanwhile, one user tweeted, “Joshua Bassett does realize that if the songs are actually about Olivia he’s admitting that he dated a minor correct?? Just checking.”  Another said, “Olivia Rodrigo and Joshua Bassett indirecting each other w their songs.” The next one shared, “Joshua Bassett just taught the world there is two versions to every story. Like check mate Olivia!” One stated, “It is a tough day to be both an Olivia Rodrigo and Joshua Bassett stan idk why people can’t accept the fact that the hate he received and still gets is not at all okay and that both have the right to write songs about their experiences. None of you actually know what went down.” Another said, “Everyone needs to chill and let Joshua Bassett tell his side. He deserves a chance to share his experiences and feelings just like Olivia did.” And, one concluded, “Olivia Rodrigo stans better be apologizing to Joshua Bassett right now.”










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