Why was Joshua Bassett hospitalized? Fans slam trolls targetting 'sickest patient in hospital' after mystery surgery

The Disney heartthrob has been hospitalized and has got the title of ‘sickest person’ from the doctors

                            Why was Joshua Bassett hospitalized? Fans slam trolls targetting 'sickest patient in hospital' after mystery surgery
Joshua Bassett (@joshuatbassett / Instagram)

Joshua Bassett can’t celebrate the release of his dramatic new single ‘Lie, Lie, lie’ with fans as he has been hospitalized and got the title of ‘sickest person’ from the doctors, the twenty-year-old Disney heartthrob candidly shared on social media. 

Catching him in a hospital gown and bed wasn't a sight fans expected to see. Soon, rumors started floating around on social media about what could be the cause of his sickness. The singer explained he had experienced the "worst pain" of his life and had to undergo surgery that night. Currently, he is taking rest and is expected to be in the pink of his health soon.  

Joshua Bassett (Getty Images)


Why was Joshua Bassett hospitalized?

Joshua Bassett took to Instagram to share the shocking news with his fans, assuring that he has been taken great care of but he had to go through an immediate surgery after being in immense pain.

He wrote, “Welp... not the first place I assumed I’d be on my Lie Lie Lie release day... the ER!! (before you ask, no it’s not covid.) after an unknown, uncomfortable feeling turned into, times 10, the worst pain of my life, I figured I’d just try to sleep. after multiple, very very ugly days and nights, I had no choice today but be taken to the hospital.”

The ‘Common Sense’ crooner added, ‘I’d like to say thank you!!!! for all the support on the song!!! I’ve been doing what I can today to stay involved. had my first surgery tonight! gonna rest at the hospital and the doctors will see what they see in the morn! much love to all!” The Disney Heartbreaker didn’t forget to mention how kind the doctors have been to him, noting “p.s.the doctors here are the sweetest, most professional people in the (world). they’ve made me feel very safe!), followed by “(p.P.s. according to the doc, I now have the medal for “the sickest patient in the hospital.” how cool!!!”



‘Give Joshua Bassett a break’

No sooner did the news surfaced online, many trolls targetted him and slammed him despite being in the hospital. However, fans then stood by his side and lambasted the messages. "I've had Joshua Bassett on trending all day and I clicked on it before Mr. Twitter Man put a description so I thought it was about that song by his Co-Star. NOPE. Surgery. Man, I hope that guy gets better," one said and another posted, "Man idc if you hate him or not...some of y’all gotta give Joshua Bassett a break. this man is in the hospital having emergency surgery on the day he released the song that has nothing to do with Olivia and y’all still slandering him for Drivers License?? bye."

A third posted, "@joshuatbassett is in hospital and it's not covid, he was feeling so much pain and is about to undergo surgery. I hope everything goes well, so he will be back as soon as possible. #joshuabassett #StayStrongJoshua," and a fourth said, "I'm so sorry I love y'all but my tl isn't sitting right with me rn... making jokes and cheering about Joshua Bassett being in the hospital is a lil too far, he deadass just had surgery for an unknown illness, aka he hasn't been told what it is??? that's so mf scary fr."






Is ‘Lie, Lie, Lie’ for Olivia Rodrigo?

Bassett who shot to fame after starring in Disney’s ‘High School Musical: The Musical: The Series’ announced the release of his new single ‘Lie, Lie, Lie’ a few hours after Olivia Rodrigo announced her new single ‘Drivers License’ which is allegedly about Joshua Bassett. Though not confirmed, Rodrigo, also an alumnus of Disney's‘HSMTMTS’ series was shipped with Bassett as the duo shared magical chemistry. Although they didn’t confirm officially, it seemed that the two were dating, on and off, between July 2019 to May 2020. They were also spotted with one another quite frequently, showing up on each others' Instagram feeds, giving off "couple vibes" in their pictures. 

Olivia Rodrigo (L) and Joshua Bassett (Getty Images)

About Bassett’s ‘Lie, Lie, Lie’, the ‘Anyone Else’ singer shared in an Instagram story that he wrote the song after getting to know about a friend who has been lying about him. He said, “It always sucks to hear that someone you thought you could trust would throw you under the bus when it benefits them. It happens to all of us, and I think all you can do is seek out people that build you up rather than tear you down.”

Joshua Bassett (Getty Images)

‘Lie, Lie, Lie’ is now officially released and the single has garnered over 996,000 views within six hours of its release. Watch the single here.