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Joshua Bassett and Sabrina Carpenter trolled for couple pics by Olivia Rodrigo fans

Olivia Rodrigo and Joshua Bassett were a rumored couple last year, but months later gossip spread that the latter had started dating Sabrina Carpenter
Joshua Bassett and Sabrina Carpenter are said to be together as a couple after Bassett reportedly broke up with Olivia Rodrigo (Getty Images/ Amy Sussman)
Joshua Bassett and Sabrina Carpenter are said to be together as a couple after Bassett reportedly broke up with Olivia Rodrigo (Getty Images/ Amy Sussman)

Joshua Bassett and Sabrina Carpenter were recently seen hanging out together at @Harry_Styles ’ ‘Love on Tour’ show in New York. But fans of Olivia Rodrigo did not like that and started trolling the pair while taking the side of the teen singer. Rodrigo's hit song 'Drivers License’ was rumored to be about her heartbreak over Bassett replacing her with Carpenter.

The love triangle drama has played out in the form of viral song releases, starting with Rodrigo’s song 'Drivers License,' followed by Bassett’s 'Lie Lie Lie' and Carpenter’s ‘Skin.’ Both Bassett's and Carpenter's songs seemed to be dissing the 17-year-old Rodrigo. People then began speculating that all the angst was a result of the love drama between the Disney stars of ‘High School Musical: The Musical – The Series.’ Co-stars Rodrigo and Bassett were said to be together last year before he reportedly moved on with the 21-year-old ‘Girl Meets World’ star Sabrina Carpenter months later.


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The lyrics of Rodrigo’s ‘'Drivers License’ are: “And you’re probably with that blonde girl/ Who always made me doubt/ She’s so much older than me/ She’s everything I’m insecure about,” while Carpenter’s song says, “Maybe we could have been friends If I met you in another life Maybe then we could pretend There's no gravity in the words we write Maybe you didn't mean it Maybe ‘blonde’ was the only rhyme The only rhyme.” Besides justifying his song, the 20-year-old Bassett said it “was about a friend who had been lying behind my back.”

Though nothing has been confirmed yet officially, people believe that something is cooking between Carpenter and Bassett irl. After the recent photos of Bassett and Carpenter went viral, people took to Twitter to express their views. A user wrote, “The audacity!! Olivia … you know what to do.” The second one said, “Thank you Olivia for giving him a career otherwise he'd be homeless.” The third one tweeted, “Olivia watching this and writing her new song.”





A person noted, “oop i thought they were broken up.” Another one said, “YEEESSSSSS i thought they broke up.” A user tweeted: “Olivia about to hit her with her new driver’s license.” The other one added: “Yay now Olivia can make another teenage angsty sad album about love troubles and stuff…fun….” A person joked: “didn’t he come out by confessing his love for harry? Hmm sabrina getting a little too comfortable.”





However, there were some who supported Bassett and Carpenter. A user said, “this is for both fandoms. there's no reason to bring up olive, move on already and let these two live their lives happy as they should.” Another one wrote, “they're just a couple enjoying a concert stop bringing olive into this and leave them alone.” “Good 4 them! They shouldn't listen to the haters' opinion. But...I know that doesn't change that they're not 'faultless' in what happened...I can admit that. But that's in the past. Move on! Good to know they're together,” a tweet read. Another added: "why do y’all even bother to bring Olivia up in this y’all do realize she has a boyfriend she’s moved on."