Did Joshua Bassett 'accidentally' come out as Queer? 'He couldn’t shut up about how cool Harry Styles is'

'Joshua Bassett we don't deserve you at all,' a fan said as people dubbed him an 'angel' for his kind and sweet gestures in the past

                            Did Joshua Bassett 'accidentally' come out as Queer? 'He couldn’t shut up about how cool Harry Styles is'
Joshua Bassett (L) and Harry Styles (R) (Getty Images)

'High School Musical' star Joshua Bassett came out as a Queer during a virtual interview with Clevver News, as he was gushing about singer Harry Styles. While answering fan questions about Harry Styles, Bassett showered the 'Watermelon Sugar' hitmaker with compliments and slipped in his coming-out moment in between. 

"He is a very classy man,” 20-year-old Bassett said about Styles, adding, “He’s also very well-rounded and kinda does it all – acting, singing, fashion." He continued, "I think he’s just a nice guy, doesn’t say too much, when he talks, it matters. He’s just cool – who doesn’t think Harry Styles is cool?
Also, he’s hot, you know? He’s very charming, too. Lots of things." In the end, Bassett added, “This is also my coming out video, I guess.”


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Did Joshua Bassett come out 'accidentally'?

The 20-year-old actor, who essays the role of Richard Owen in 'High School Musical: The Musical: The Series', drew immense admiration and respect on social media after his coming-out clip went viral. However, some fans were of the opinion that his coming-out was entirely 'accidental' and not 'pre-planned', and it happened since he kept on expressing his deep admiration for Harry Styles. 

"okay but there is something so relatable about joshua bassett coming out on accident because he just couldn’t shut up about someone he is fond of," a fan tweeted.

"did joshua bassett just accidentally come out in an interview because he couldn’t shut up about how cool harry styles is," another fan asked. Meanwhile, a third fan said, "joshua bassett having a gay panic about harry and then saying that's his coming out video it's a whole mood."







Meanwhile, Twitter users started reminding everyone about Joshua Bassett's appreciable gestures and actions from the past, while lauding his sweet coming-out moment. 

"remember when joshua bassett paid for random people’s meals,created a merch store where all the profits go to charity,gave free merch to his fans,organised basically free meet and greets for the whole hsmtmts fandom? yea he’s an angel!!," a user wrote. 

Another fan tweeted, "as i always say, i stan the right guy and he never disappoints me. he is so true with his words and everybody should agree. joshua bassett we don't deserve you at all."





Joshua Bassett has not issued any further statements about his coming out. There have been no comments from Harry Styles as well on the incident. 

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