Who is John Hoover? Texas cop, 35, arrested for allegedly having sex with 17-year-old student

Who is John Hoover? Texas cop, 35, arrested for allegedly having sex with 17-year-old student
John Hoover, 35, was fired from his job as an officer with the Frisco Police Department’s school resource officer unit and arrested for 'inappropriate conduct' (Frisco Police Department)

FRISCO, TEXAS: A police officer from Frisco in Texas has been fired and arrested for allegedly engaging in sexual conduct with a 17-year-old high school student. John Hoover, 35, served as a school resource officer at the Frisco Independent School District where he allegedly had an 'inappropriate relationship' with the minor. He was arrested by his colleagues at the Frisco Police Department on Friday, August 13, after being terminated from his job two days prior. 

In a statement released on August 14, 2021, the Frisco Police Department mentioned, "Separate internal and criminal investigations into Hoover’s alleged actions and gross misconduct led to his termination and ultimate criminal arrest. The department was made aware of the allegations on the night of Sunday, August 8, and immediately began an investigation. Hoover was then terminated from his position with the department on Wednesday, August 11. Recently, two NYPD officers Sanad Musallam and Yaser Shohatee were fired for having sex with a 15-year-old teenager. Early last year, a Miami-Dade police officer was captured on CCTV slapping and punching his daughter in school while staff sat and watched.


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Who is John Hoover?

John Hoover had been working with the Frisco Police Department since September 2011. He was recently assigned to the school in Frisco ISB, as part of the Resource Officer Unit. Frisco ISB has over 11 high schools, 17 middle schools, and 42 elementary schools and Hoover was appointed to one of these institutions. But the name of the school has not been revealed to maintain privacy.

Hoover was taken into custody at the Denton County Jail but was released later on a $100,000 bond. He is facing a felony charge of second-degree sexual performance of a child. The police are working with the District Attorney's office to present a criminal case for prosecution. It is unclear how long can Hoover be sentenced in case he is convicted. 

Any person with additional information regarding the case or similar cases has been urged to contact the Frisco Police Department at (972) 292-6010. 

"Through his criminal behavior, this former officer has violated the code of ethics that he swore to uphold. Our best path forward is to demonstrate as a professional law enforcement agency, that we are not hesitant to hold this individual accountable for his actions," the statement by Frisco PD Chief of Police David Shilson revealed. He further added, "The actions of this individual are not reflective of the great men and women we have serving here at the Frisco Police Department."

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