Police officer captured on CCTV slapping and punching his daughter in school while staff sat and watched

Police officer captured on CCTV slapping and punching his daughter in school while staff sat and watched
CCTV footage shows the police offer being violent with his daughter (Source: Getty Images)

A shocking footage has emerged showing a police officer slapping, punching and pulling his teenage daughter just because she allegedly misbehaved in class. Raymond Rosario, a Miami Dade police officer was summoned to the principal's office of his daughter's school on March 19, as she had "disrespected her teacher", reported CBS Miami.

In the said CCTV footage, the police officer, who also has a position at the airport, can be seen hitting his daughter's face, whipping her with his belt, and pulling her by her hair in the Pinecrest Cove Preparatory Academy office.

According to a report by NBC, there were at least two other people in the room at the same time. One of them was a woman who was allegedly pregnant. However, neither are seen intervening to break the beating apart, making them complicit.

Rosario surrendered himself to law enforcement authorities on April 2 after being charged with one count of felony child abuse on March 19.

The Miami Herald obtained an arrest report showing that the teenager, who is no longer a student at the school, told police "she did not sustain any visible injuries and/or bruises." CBS Local reported that since the 44-year-old's arrest, he has been suspended with pay.

The 24-year police veteran could possibly return to the force if he does not receive a criminal conviction. Rosario is expected to sign a plea deal with regards to the charge. Court records reportedly show he pleaded not guilty to the charge, and his plea hearing is set rescheduled for May 15 after he failed to show up in court on Friday. 

A source from the courthouse said the cop had a scheduling conflict as he had to attend a hearing in juvenile court.


In a released statement, the victim's school explained one woman who was pregnant and seen in the footage was too scared to intervene in the child's beating as the officer was 'armed'. However, the statement does not explain the inaction of the other woman who was present at the scene.

"The school followed procedure in response to the unfortunate incident which occurred in the office,' the statement read.

"The witness reported the incident to the administration as soon as the parent left the premises and the school immediately reported it to the Department of Children and Families who contacted law enforcement. 

"The school is continuing to investigate the incident and protocol. The parent, who is a police officer and who often visited the school in uniform, surrendered himself to authorities.  The person [seen] witnessing the act is an expectant mother who was unsure if the parent had a weapon. She says that at the time she feared for the safety of the victim as well as that of her unborn child."


When reporters tried to get in touch with the police officer at his house, a man's voice was heard behind a closed door outside Rosario's house near the school on Friday, saying, “get off my property. I have no comment.” 

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